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  1. You're actually supposed to carry it on with you. They usually make you take it out and show it to security.
  2. No way. Recently was telling someone on FB 10 AM was too early. You'll be lucky to be through customs before 9 AM. Then you need to get to the airport (okay, it's close), check your luggage and get through security. I think I only once booked a flight before noon and it was in FLL. But it was 11:30. Not worth it.
  3. Cafe 270! Pick up roast beef on kimmelweck. Or a wrap. Or a salad. Great place. For something a little different, go to the Dog House inside the Seaplex. Always fun and they have a few different types of sausage and different toppings and rolls.
  4. Rome: we used Rome In Limo - http://www.romeinlimo.com/tours-of-rome/sightseeing-tours.htm For the four of you, you can get a private car for 380€ (this was a few years ago, not sure of the current price). Sounds like a lot, but you'll have a private driver take you around Rome for the entire day. They pick you up at the port and take you all over. The port is almost an hour from Rome. It's worth it! If you want to go to the Vatican, you should pre-purchase your tickets: https://biglietteriamusei.vatican.va/musei/tickets/index.html. If you want to go to the Colosseum, you should pre-purchase your tickets: http://www.coopculture.it/en/colosseo-e-shop.cfm. I also recommend hiring a tour guide for the Vatican part of the tour. Rome in Limo can help arrange that if desired. Rome will be your most complicated port of the cruise. There's so much to see and you're not really there long enough to see everything. Just think if you tried to see NYC in 8-10 hours! We had 2 8 person vans from groups created on the Cruise Critic Roll Call. You might want to gather people over there or see what they are doing. Naples: for Naples, we went to Pompeii. We were there in July. It was HOTTTT! September should be perfect weather. http://www.isango.com/naples/private-sightseeing-tour-of-pompeii-from-naples_7429 We got picked up at the port and brought to Pompeii. We toured Pompeii for a few hours then the driver brought us back to Naples where we had lunch (pizza) and then walked back to the ship. Copied and edited from an email to my wife's uncle. Hope that helps you!
  5. So weird and annoying! Thanks for the help.
  6. Wonderland is the correct answer.
  7. Additional trivia. Where was this picture taken?
  8. Okay, good. Assuming this continues to work, I'll put my pics into an album I'll be using for this before posting. Thanks for the help.
  9. Testing out picture sharing. Can you see this pic now?
  10. Sounds like they want to switch up each night, not just in the beginning.
  11. What about the pics in my other posts about Mallorca? It appeared those were visible when I posted them originally.
  12. How about now? Can you see the image now?
  13. Website has been very clunky lately. Wait. Did I say lately? Years! I meant years.
  14. The only way I've seen people get this information is contacting the cruise director or the entertainment director by emailing them directly. How can do you that? Problem #1! You can try to friend them on FB. Some sites will list who these people are. You can guess at their email address or find it online. Not simple. Then they will only have it finalized within a few weeks of the cruise.
  15. They rather you stay at your table. It's very possible that some of the tables will have different wait staff. It becomes an issue with tipping and commendations, etc. That said, if you switch around, what can they do?
  16. We will still enjoy a drink in the late afternoon. Isn't always a BBC anymore, but sometimes it is! We also have Harmony booked for March. I definitely want to stick with that one as we also have Celebrity Edge booked the day after we get back on Harmony.
  17. I just bring wine on board. Two bottles, of course.
  18. I've booked the Transatlantic too! We were on the Harmony TA and figured I would book the Symphony TA. I'm not sure we will stick with it. But the price is SOOO AMAZING! It's up $600 from what we paid already!
  19. If you only go into town, which is very doable from the ship, you are definitely missing a big part of the island. It's a very beautiful place.
  20. When we were in Mallorca we did this excursion: http://majorca-tours.net/escursione/valldemossa-soller-palma-vip/ It was great! It will need at least 12 people to run, so you will either need a group with you or convince others on your sailing to join you. (Like from the CC Roll Call.) Palma de Mallorca is quite beautiful!
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