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  1. I was able to secure sabor for 15.00 pp on my cruise planner and that was for ANY night of the cruise not just night 1 or 2. There is no sale banner or anything, the price just shows up 15.00.
  2. One benefit to buying it onboard when its the same price as the cruise planner is that your onboard credit can be used when you purchase it onboard while it can not be used for a pre cruise planner purchase. One thing people often forget is that onboard credit can go towards gratuities, so those who wonder how they will use their OBC, figure about 200 for a couple will just be gratuities at the end of the week.
  3. I just logged into my March Navigator of the Seas sailing and i am seeing the DELUXE package for 38.00 a day which is even more than the 25% off some of us got last year. I also see the Royal Replenish for 18.00 a day. Whats interesting is the little banners still say 20% off but the prices are clearly lower. Hope others see the same.
  4. Maybe ill just have to live through the photos of others from the Windjammer. I wish they published a "Tonights Feature" menu from the windjammer so you could decide if the MDR sounds better or not. I guess if they started to publish crab legs and lobster in the windjammer the MDR might be empty. :)
  5. Heading on the Navigator in about a month doing the 9 night ABC islands. I have always told myself i should try the Windjammer for dinner more often but between MDR and Specialty dining I never end up eating a full dinner at Windjammer (Just Pre-Dinner usually). After seeing some other folks post windjammer dinner pics from Brilliance, Adventure and even Lobster / Crab Legs on Liberty it made me think i need to try to eat up there more often, if nothing else for the variety. Can anyone comment on Navigator, specifically the options in the Windjammer at dinner?
  6. OH i would agree, i just wish RCL could figure it out, they arent terribly difficult, even frozen ones can come out well.
  7. isnt it sad that we are agreeing that waffle house can make better hashbrowns then Royal Caribbean? When i see folks take photos of some of the breakfast plates on RCL its more like a wall of shame than something to showcase.
  8. I can agree with this statement 100%. On Liberty Room service was painfully slow (50+ minutes no matter when you ordered, wait times on phone upwards of 15 minutes and Television ordering isnt actually confirmed, they have to call back after you place order on TV). Food always shows up cold and rock hard. Honey stung chicken was more like unflavored show leather. Royal Burger was terrible. I was extremely disappointed to say the least.
  9. Yes the packages still cover most everything but i think the concern here is more the direction that folks see things going. Its like RCL is trying to push the limits little by little to see where things break. Its a good method to optimize their business model, it just puts a bit of negativity into peoples minds that could be affected by this after they thought they bought an unlimited drink package.
  10. Was on Liberty the week of Dec 4 and no Freestyle machines. They also said they have no plans on installing them. You get your sodas from any bar that has the fountain guns. The varieties are far less than the freestyle machine though.
  11. I noticed last week on Liberty that they have done away with the crispy triangle hash browns and instead have the circles that lack the same texture (This may not be all that new). What was more troubling is they also did away with the very crispy, almost coated fries they always had in the windjammer and MDR for some soggy fries that couldn't stand up to being on a buffet line. Has anyone else seen this on other ships? I know I know, first world problems...
  12. On Liberty Last week the 10 drink card came out on Day 6 for 67.00 + 18% gratuities.
  13. Yes thats right, when you purchase the dining packages you get a 30.00 credit to any of the a la cart type restaurants. Hibachi was included for me, if you want two meats you just pay an extra 5.00.
  14. It also means you cant really combine any of the 2,3,4,5 night dining packages with the BOGO specialty dining that is offered sometimes. Since both of the deals require dining on nights 1 and or 2 i dont see how you could make this work.
  15. I have done this. As you probably have read it requires you dine at a specialty restaurant on night one and night two. RCL will ONLY choose the first nights restaurant for you, you can definitely change the restaurants and times once on board, but you have to dine on nights one and two. I am getting the same pushback on the Sabor interest for my upcoming Liberty sailing. All of us live in Texas, eat guac at least 3 times a week and the 25 or 30.00 dollar cover seems high for the menu.
  16. Yes the BOGO dining package requires you dine at a specialty dining establishment on Nights 1 & 2 only: Here is the T&C from the package: This offer requires dining on Days 1 and 2 You can make amendments or additional reservations on your first day onboard to guarantee preferred dining time and restaurants Our staff can add your kids to your existing reservation at kids' prices once onboard
  17. For select sailings you may find that your Deluxe package is 25% off instead of 20 and Royal Replenish is up to 30% off now. They ran this sale a few weeks ago and looks like its back for the time being.
  18. Favorite first drink? -Belvedere Rocks with two lime wedges Favorite first food/meal/snack? - Crumbled Bacon Cheese Burger with some extra nacho cheese on it custom created in Windjammer and those crispy fries. Favorite first on-board location stop? - Closest bar to the entrance I come in at Favorite embarkation day activity? - Staring over the side of the ship watching them load the hundreds of thousands of pounds of food and alcohol.
  19. I have never had any problems getting refunds for a price drop even if the cruise is paid in full. If you are outside the 100% cancellation window there are no problems whatsoever, even if you are paid in full.
  20. You know you are addicted to cruising when...... You hand an old seapass card to your local watering hole and tell them you are on the unlimited drink package.
  21. http://www.royalcaribbean.com/customersupport/faq/details.do?pagename=frequently_asked_questions&faqId=3657&faqSubjectId=336 If you order the 24 bottle package you will get 24 (1 Liter Bottles) You may say this is very expensive but compare it to a hotel which charges 4 - 8.00 for a liter of water in the rooms, or even a grocery store which typically wants 1.00 a liter when bought one at a time. This is not unlimited for the week.
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