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  1. IMO, it's not really a feasible option to go with an entire fleet of mega-ships. Many ports simply can't accommodate ships of that size. And can you imagine trying to tender 6400 passengers off to stand in line at the chair lift at Santorini, or any port that requires tendering? I hope not... Like many old buildings, at some point it becomes more cost efficient to tear them down and build anew, rather than renovate. Maybe the next RCI order for new ships will not be for another Quantum or Oasis, but a state-of-the-art smaller ship.
  2. OK, a dumb question... What is a Labadoozie (Coco Loco)? A rum drink, I presume, but ingredients?
  3. Agree. And although this may not apply to your cruise departing on Monday, for those Sat to Sat cruises, it can be less expensive to arrange a Fri to Sat flight than a Sat-Sat flight. So the cost of a hotel night can be at least partially offset.
  4. From one Newbie to another, welcome aboard!
  5. When I encountered a previous worldwide shortage of banana daiquiri mix, I just went here: https://www.amazon.com/Calson-Industries-Daiquiri-Margarita-Category/dp/B001J87RF8 They have everything.... Voila!! One liter bottle for only $17.50. Or from $11.50 used... :rolleyes:
  6. As someone relatively new to cruising, this has been an interesting thread. My take home story is that the MDR dress code appears to be clearly stated online and in other RCCL literature but the policy seems to be unevenly enforced, at least with regards to wearing shorts. But at the other end of the spectrum it seems that on any RCCL ship, formal nights do not require true formal wear and anything from business casual and up is acceptable. Is that a fair assessment?
  7. I've been to one Chef's Table event and the dress of the participants ranged from business casual to suit and tie. So your plans seem to be consistent with this experience.
  8. My wife and I did a Mediterranean cruise last summer. If you haven't cruise that region, there are lots of options. If you like port stops in metropolitan areas, try a 7 night Barcellona to Rome or similar route. Or embark in Venice and cruise the Eastern Mediterranean with stops in Croatia, Turkey and the Greek Isles (e.g., Santorini, Mykonos and others). Alternatively, continue farther east and head up the Bosphorus to Istanbul or even continue further to Bucharest and beyond. An added benefit of the latter cruises is that you can extend a few days after the cruise to tour Venice.
  9. OK then, looks like we're in for a real treat! :) Can't believe that the CK is under utilized given that your impressions are consistent with online reviews. We looked at 150 CP but instead reserved a night at the Chef's Table. Did this on our first cruise and it was superb. This cruise is shaping up to be a significant challenge to my waistline....
  10. Oasis of the Seas - Western Caribbean - Oct 22, 2016 Ovation of the Seas - Sydney to New Zealand - March 13, 2018
  11. Hello. A warm greeting to all from Louisville, KY. We are Don and Meg and new to cruising. Our first was last June on Splendour of the Seas in the Eastern Mediterranean. Wonderful cruise that we enjoyed so much that we're now booked on Oasis in October (Western Caribbean) and just reserved a 10 day Sydney to New Zealand in March 2018. Looking forward very much to both. We're still learning the ropes and this site is a wealth of information; thanks to everyone for that. But must admit that I'm still struggling with some of the acronyms, e.g. BOGO and WOW sale. Will figure it out eventually...
  12. Really! That surprises me a bit since the CK menu looks very appealing and from what I've read, the food is reported to be very good. What are your impressions? Compare well with the main dining room fare?
  13. We're booked on Oasis for the Western Caribbean in late October. I've already made several online reservations for Specialty restaurants but can suite guests also make Coastal Kitchen reservations for My Time Dining using the Cruise Planner? If so, how are these reservations distinguished from online reservations for the main dining room? Thanks for the help.
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