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  1. Your blog was superb! It provided me with a fantastic daily respite from the everyday grind for a week. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to submit daily reports and pictures. I was looking forward to catching up with you, every day. It looks like you had a very nice trip with your family. I am glad you arrived home safely. I hope you will continue to blog on future cruises - you are very good at it! Thank you for sharing your trip with us. Take care!
  2. Hey, Matt and Fellow Bloggers, Happy New Year!!! Does anyone out there have an update as to when the Cruise Dates beyond April 2018 will be released? We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to book a trip for Summer 2018. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! SSJ444
  3. Yes! We Have No Bananas (Daiquiris) Mango Daiquiri? Sure! Strawberry Daiquiri? Of course! Raspberry Daiquiri? Coming right up! Peach Daiquiri? No problem! Wildberry Daiquiri (whatever that is)? Absolutely! Fantastic! How about a Banana Daiquiri?!?! Yes! We Have No Bananas (Daiquiris). First, let me start by stating that this is in no way a serious criticism, complaint or rant about Royal Caribbean. It is strictly in jest and really only intended for making my wife laugh and for living up to the reputation that I have with her for being completely nuts. In fact, I have nothing but total admiration and respect for the Royal Caribbean brand as a whole and especially for all of the hardworking crew members aboard her ships - especially Freedom of the Seas, which we have been on four times in the last two years. Also, I met my wife while on a Royal Caribbean cruise 18 years ago! So, needless to say, we love Royal Caribbean! Okay, that being said; some of you may recall my previous post (Banana Daiquiri/Royal Caribbean Dining - May 16, 2016), asking about the possibility of my wife enjoying a Banana Daiquiri on our upcoming Freedom of the Seas cruise, in light of the fact that on the last voyage, we were told that there was some type of mysterious "Banana Daiquiri Embargo" and that the delicious tropical beverage could not be made. (It must have struck a chord with a least a few of you out there. After all, it has garnered 474 views, to date!) Anyway, after some reassuring and optimistic post responses from Floski, WAAAYTOOO, and of course, Matt, I was able to convince my lovely wife that her national nightmare was lost likely over, and that she would be enjoying her favorite frozen cocktail in the Western Caribbean on our next Freedom cruise! (July 3rd, to be exact). However, I was wrong. So wrong. I asked Lucian, at the Juice Bar, Roberto, at the Pool Bar and even Ross, in the Main Dining Room (all exceptional people and bartenders) - Why no Banana Daiquiris?!?! Unfortunately, as wonderful as they are, they could not come up with a logical explanation! Rather, I was once again inundated with vagaries and nonsensical information (totally not their fault) - "There is a worldwide shortage on banana mix," "We just don't buy it anymore," "There is a tax on the mix." Basically, no one could give me a legitimate reason why I could get any type of Daiquiri in the world on Freedom of the Seas (even Wildberry - whatever that is!) - except for Banana!!! Strange, but true. I am dying to know why! Well, not actually "dying," but certainly curious to find out why! And since this post is now way too long, I will close by saying - I love Freedom of the Seas, but I would love her even more if my wife could just get a Banana Daiquiri on our next cruise!!! (Which, by the way, can not come soon enough!)
  4. Thank you jticarruthers, CMcLarty, and Waaaytooo; I appreciate your time and responses. Looks like I'll be relying on my trusty Agent to find the "white whales" of suites, for us! (Please excuse the lame nautical reference!) :)
  5. My wife and I are trying to find and book a Royal Family Balcony Suite for a future Oasis cruise leaving from Cape Canaveral. It is strange, but it does not appear to be a cabin option for every available cruise - even two years out. Does anyone have any insight into this issue or am I just missing something obvious?!?! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!
  6. Thank you, WAAAYTOOO! I always enjoy your insightful posts! Don't worry Floski - I'll do enough "investigating" for both of us! Maybe Matt will give us extra credit for a "Research" string of posts! :)
  7. Thank you! Not sure what took me so long to join, but very honored and privileged to be a part of the family, now.
  8. Thanks, Matt! Fingers crossed! I greatly appreciate you taking the time to respond. By the way, my Wife and I are addicted to your awesome Blog and Podcasts. It is our Number #1 "Daily Work Distraction" - in a good way! Thanks for all that you do! You're the Best! (By coincidence, I was enjoying one of your Podcasts when you responded!)
  9. Does anybody know if it is possible to purchase a Banana Daiquiri on Freedom of the Seas? Last time we were on the ship (July 2015), there was some type of "import/export contract dispute" regarding supplies and the staff did not have the proper mixer to make them. I thought it was strange. We are going back on next month, so I was curious to know if that was still the case, or not. Thanks!
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