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  1. We just came back off the Harmony and had the Ultimate drinks package and for us it was well worth it as we made our way steadily though the ships various cocktail menus! This was a brilliant side affect of having the package as we tried cocktails we simply would not have done at $11-$13 a go, but when it's included there's no risk. Don't like it, don't drink it, get something else. Although to be honest there were VERY few we didn't like ;) We didn't have to pay for any drinks on board, except for in the dedicated Starbucks (which was not included, although I thought it was). On other ships, including Quantum, the premium coffees on the Promenade were included but on Harmony the promenade cafe didn't have any premium ones and instead you had to go (and pay) at Starbucks if you really wanted something above the normal coffee. We only went to Starbucks the once! All of the other usual premium (fresh OJ) and such is included as normal. As Matt has said on a few podcasts, it really is down to how much you are going to use the package, and of course knowing that you won't have a large drinks bill at the end of the cruise and can just get on with enjoying yourself, and for us this more than makes up for a few $ more.
  2. There is the adults only solarium and bar which is massive on the Harmony and then most night club areas and the casino are for over 18's. No adult coffee shop as such but there is a full on Starbucks! Adventure ocean for 13's is fantastic, games consoles, big comfy furniture and basically looks like a great place for those lower teens. It'd be nice to see RCI cater to the upper end of teens more as there is very little organised for the 18-20 and they tend to be a little young for mixing in the adult events.
  3. Anyone know when May 2018 cruises come available, we were hoping to book onboard next week and take advantage of the nice on board discounts and "free cash". Only cruise I can see at the moment is one to Hawaii, which as amazing as it looks is not that close to us in the UK.
  4. No problem. We have the beverage package, so should be able to answer this within a few seconds of boarding ;) And of course will get you answers to the rest. Countdown t-minus 3 days
  5. No problem consider it done Matt. We are booked into 150 Central Park, Wonderland, Chops, Sabor and Izumi Hibachi so I'll just call into Jamie's to get the missing one :)
  6. We are on Harmony of the Seas out of Barcelona this weekend (10th July) if anyone still has any specific photo requests or wants us to check out or ask anything whilst we are on there just let us know before the 9th. Can't wait for this one :) and booked in Sabor on Day 1 for some lovely Guacamole > Matt we are trusting you are right on this :) Mark & Lindsey
  7. We've gone with Tranquillity of the Seas, seems to be in keeping with Allue, Oasis & Harmony :)
  8. Does anyone know when the advance sale of OASIS IV is likely to start? Thanks Mark
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