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  1. We were paired with Sharla from MEI when we transferred a booking to them that we booked onboard and she has been amazing! We ended up cancelling that cruise and another one we booked onboard, but found a great deal for Allure and reached out to her to book. She always gets back within a day and reaches out everytime RC has a sale letting us know if its a better deal for us or not. Honestly, she is the best TA I have ever worked with and will continue to use her. Maybe she would be a good fit for you? I cannot recommend her enough.
  2. The reveal dates for 2020-2021 deployments say Short Caribbean is the week of December 3 and phase 1 of the Caribbean is the week of December 10th. Full disclosure- I don't know what phase 1 means, but hopefully that is what you are looking for!
  3. We are in Austin! But- I manage a restaurant and usually work weekends. You guys plan whenever and if we are able to make it, then we will! Love this idea!
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