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    masterdrago got a reaction from mom2mybugs in What are all your 2019 Vacation Plans   
    For us, the biggy is a 9 day DIY pre-cruise land tour attached to a 7 day Alaska Radiance cruise in late Spring.
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    masterdrago got a reaction from milton in 12 day leaving tomorrow help!!!   
    Super wide angle lens for your camera. Rent on if you have to
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    masterdrago got a reaction from Sweety in Question for Twangster - Most Favored Lens   
    A simple and fast free tool is IrfanView https://www.irfanview.com/
    Make sure to get the save as web plug in.
    Most any editing software will do it - PhotoShop, Affinity Photo, etc.
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    masterdrago got a reaction from twangster in Question for Twangster - Most Favored Lens   
    Thanks. You guys are a hoot. My go to has always been the 18-200 with my APC bodies. I'm kind of a wide guy and when I shot film, 24 was the norm. On a whim I took the fish-eye on our first cruise (el cheapo manual brand x).

    I've always had no issues with the distortion. I most likely will not carry to Alaska since my bag might need other glass. I have found that the 10-24 at 10 does nearly as well and is Nikon glass.

    For Alaska it will boil down to how much will fit in the bag. I want something longer than the 18-200 to shoot from glacier and whale tours. I'm not sure it makes sense to carry the full frame body & 28-300 when I might instead carry the 150-600 and two APC bodies. Again one bag.
    I had never even considered stitching frames together to get wider. I don't consider myself much of a post processor. So that leaves the 8mm out for sure. I'm a bit worried about having a blank spot if the bag carries 2 APC bodies, 10-24, 150-600. Then I might need to add a 18-70 or the 18-200 to fill in that. Add all the other crap (chargers, batteries, memory cards, SB-400 flash, a filter or two) and the backpack is full.
    Astrophotography? We may have crossed paths? Amateur since Jan. '83 and more than a couple of Texas Star Parties, Okie-Tex, & Winter Star Party. Native Houstonian.
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    masterdrago got a reaction from whitsmom in Is Voom needed on Alaska Radiance cruises?   
    Thanks all that replied. I'll most likely do Voom since I want to use my iPad for email and and Joy has a FB fix.
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    masterdrago got a reaction from NS8VN in Is Voom needed on Alaska Radiance cruises?   
    kind of thought that but had to ask. So, no Eagles flying around with cell antennae. Pretty sure I'll go with a Voom drink package
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    masterdrago got a reaction from PRC in What's My Location   
    Just an update. Got a simple app for the Moto X called Simple GPS. It is just precisely what I was looking for. Was free, gives number of Sat locked, Lat and Long to 7 decimal places, altitude and speed if moving and also a compass. It's very simple, fast and my phone has a hell of a lot more CPU power than the 20 year old Trimble I was thinking of carrying on board.
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