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  1. Matt, as I've said to you before, you may never know just how much you and the guys at WDW Today truly helped me. You guys were my weekly therapy. I hope I can thank you personally one day. Tell ya what... Sabor, on me... Anytime we cruise on the same ship.
  2. Hey all, In 103 days, I am set to travel on my first cruise in nearly 12 years. I feel the anticipation already. The salty air, the cool breezes, the music. I am getting flooded by my memories. Cruising was supposed to be a yearly thing the wife and I had hoped to do. We wanted our kids to see the world. Our first cruise was aboard the Disney Wonder, and boy, was it fun. Being our first time, we decided to send our older boys to spend some time with the grand parents, and took our one year old son with us. He had fun in the nursery, and enjoyed the splash pool. He HATED the ocean, but seemed to really enjoy the characters and the ambiance onboard. My wife and I were hooked, and felt everyone in the family would enjoy the experience. Cruising, however, took a back seat to family expansion, as over the next few years, our crew of 6, with 4 princes, turned into a tribe of 8 complete with 2 princesses. We altered our plans and decided to wait til the girls were a bit older. Well, if you've read my other posts, you'll know that life changed our plans. Now divorced, and living 3000 plus miles from my children, life got dark for me. I found a podcast called WDW today, and fell in love with the format and with the humor the 4 guys (and sometimes Annette too) delivered. They helped guide me away from the dark. When Matt started this blog and new podcast, I was one of the first to listen. He got me hungry for the open sea again. So much so, that I infected my parents as well, though they don't listen to the podcast. Mom and Dad have been my shelter and my support for the last few years, and as a thank you, I am taking them on a Bahamas cruise in 103 days. We are on Enchantment of the Seas, in a Grand Suite, and as a thank you, It's my treat for them. They have never cruised before, nor have they been voluntarily out of the country. Dad was overseas during Vietnam. Both are giddy and anxious. I share every detail I gather from the vast knowledge this group has, and from all of us, THANK YOU. Mom's so excited, she reminded me today that in 13 days, we can check-in online. What they don't know is that in October, maybe early November, I get my kids for an extended visit, and we are all going to go on Oasis. I finally get to fulfill a dream I had, to show my kids the world. I guess it helps when I have a good parenting relationship with their mother, as she had to sign off on their passports. It amazes me, how life can take you on the wildest rollercoaster you can imagine. I'm glad I held on. As the Pointer Sisters once sang... "I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it..." and yes, I just dated myself Thank you all who have reached out and helped me plan, and givien me advice. I truly love you all, and hope to meet everyone one day. Jeff
  3. this will answer your question, but its not RCCL.. I loved Animator's Palate.. fell in love with the concept...The change from black and white to full color.... Sorry guys, so far, all I have been on is the Wonder. I'll revisit this post in February, after my Enchantment cruise :-)
  4. mark, while i have never redone a cruise, i totally would... and it's all matt's fault. he got me excited to start cruising again. the shame...lol
  5. If I recall correctly, from one of the past podcasts, they used to be able to...
  6. I've only cruised once with children, and my wife and I kept our sons pass with us at all times.
  7. i'm sure everyone got that you were kidding
  8. Originally, I had two rooms booked. Then a BOGO sale happened and with 3 in one cabin, the third was an additional 30% off... so, I priced the suite, just for kicks... and found out it was a couple hundred dollars cheaper in the suite. We lost our onboard credit, but gained a Grand Suite in the trade. Now, Matt will tell you that value is subjective, and I agree. This deal made sense to me.... Mom and Dad's first cruise. As well as a way of thanking them for being my rock.... so, they get a suite....this time. For Oasis next October, when we get the whole family (12 of us. 5 families) on one cruise... we'll all be in steerage. :lol:
  9. i guess I could do that... didn't think that route
  10. Upgraded to a Grand Suite..... WOW!!!!! What cabin number? If it's polite to inquire that? We'll be in GS 8048 in feb
  11. thank you for getting back to me. my feb cruise is 4 days. we'll see what happens. hope your cruise goes well
  12. I just read your first Live Blog post, and I noticed you said you met your girlfriend on a cruise. I noticed also, from posted cruise compasses, that there is a singles meet on EotS. Have you been to this before? As a single cruiser, I am curious to know what its like. I'm sort of a wall flower, and kinda shy, so I am uncertain if this would be for me. Hope you have a great weekend cruise. Jeff
  13. any clue as to what movies we can borrow? is there a specific spot we go for help with booking shows and such?
  14. everything you do is either going to happen pre, or post cruise... for example... my Disney cruise was before my Enchantment cruise, which will be before my Oasis cruise...
  15. what is the reasoning behind salt water pools? I've never been in one... just curious.. are they easier to keep clean and sanitary?
  16. does this work when one has paid in full, but still before final payment is due?
  17. Hey all... I'm booked, with Mom and Dad, onto Enchantment of the Seas, this upcoming February. Many of you have commented on, and helped me decide several different aspects of this cruise, and I want to thank everyone of you.. maybe one day, personally. I know RCL currently has the Royal Suite Class for Oasis and similar ships, but what kind of suite perks are for those of us in suites that aren't Oasis and the like? As I've said in other posts, I am splurging on a Grand Suite, and taking my parents on their first cruise. The suite is a surprise for them. What can we expect as grand suite guests? I've read other posts about gold cards, and genies, a concierge lounge, free alcohol, etc. It's confusing to me. That's why I am reaching out to this group. I love all the knowledge here, and really love reading all the posts....even if I don't respond to them all. This will be my first RCL cruise, so after I'm back, I'll have more firsthand knowledge and will be responding more and more. For anyone who has been on EotS, hit me with any information.... I can't wait to read it. Thanks in Advance, Jeff
  18. does it need to be bottles? dad drinks boxed wine
  19. I have not received anything from C&A
  20. I too, am curious if this will be available on Enchantment
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