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  1. The way I found it was going in through "Ships" --- then selecting Grandeur, and lo and behold, sailings pop up ---- what really made it so wonky is that all the descriptions of the ship still referenced Baltimore, Bermuda and Canada sailings and such. Also, the sailing having times on certain days without a port or mentioning a Sea Day tells me things are still being put together. I think we unintentionally just got a sneak peak at things to come. New and creative itineraries, which seems to be the trend. For examples, sailings from Florida going to Bermuda --- that's new stuff right there.
  2. Just to make sure you understand.... the government hasn't given Royal a dime in assistance during these times...... they ARE struggling and are trying to stay afloat (pun intended) just like all the other cruise lines. The federal government, to my knowledge, hasn't given any financial assistance to any of the major cruise companies (RC, Carnival, Norwegion) ----- Also, to assume that Carnival would've reacted differently during these tough times is just that, an assumption. When you made the booking, there were options out there, like, for example, booking a refundable deposit, which would've solved your issues immediately. The fact that you didn't is on you, not the cruise company. None of us could've predicted the world going to shit like it did, but there are things we CAN do to protect ourselves in the event that bad things happen...... like a refundable deposit or travel insurance. If you declined those options, again, that's on you, and only you. Personally, I DO hope you get it resolved, and I know these are emotionally charged times, but the charges you are making against RC are baseless without knowing all the facts. Hope things get better for you.
  3. Those days in which it doesn't say "Sea Day" but has a time..... It almost looks like they're trying to fit in another port within those times. That would be incredible.
  4. Makes me wonder if these itineraries were revealed prematurely ..... you never know with the RC web site ....
  5. And this is the moment I'd be getting my TA on the phone..... STAT.
  6. Yeah, there's no way we could get off work for 14 days, it looks AMAZING .... But I wonder if the 7-nighter might be in play.
  7. Although, there is the question of...... what's she going to be doing in '21? We shall see.
  8. Check out the pricing on this sailing... https://www.royalcaribbean.com/cruises/itinerary/7-night-deep-southern-caribbean-from-bridgetown-on-grandeur/GR07BGI-1345718143?sail-date=2022-02-13&currency=USD
  9. This is a new one ..... they just released a couple of sailings on Grandeur in 2022 that start/end at Barbados. Wow. Looks like I need to relocate closer to my precious Lady G. The pricing and the couple of itineraries released are definitely in a "WOW" world.....dang. And the pricing is good to. You just need to get there.
  10. Not a dumb question at all .... I would think it's different in every port as to where they're located.... but suffice it to say, they're very close to when you get off the gangway. In the case of Tampa, we took the elevator down once we were off the ship, and they were waiting for potential customers. In Baltimore, they're at the bottom of the gangway. Needless to say, they won't be tough to find regardless of the port.
  11. We will never get off the ship with all of our luggage WITHOUT getting a porter again. What a nightmare lugging it all through customs. Then, in 2019, in Tampa, we used a Porter. SMARTEST MOVE WE EVER MADE!!! They knew the "ins and outs" of the port to get us through customs in record time. We almost felt guilty the way we passed everyone in line. Needless to say, we tipped well. From that moment going forward, THIS is the method we use. Porters are the Rockstars of the ports.
  12. "Green Is My Favorite," said the Irishman. "I Like It Better Than Blue and Yellow Combined"
  13. What do you call Frosty the Snowman in May? Puddles
  14. Being the Maryland native that I am...... I MUST stand by my folks in Annapolis. GO NAVY!!!
  15. Holy Balls, I JUST spotted the common element between both photos ..... He really needs to put the phone down from time to time ---????
  16. In the First Photo .... Caption This .... What is the girl on the far right thinking?
  17. I would have to say, the strangest thing we ever witnessed (and loved) occurred during a Halloween Cruise in 2018. Of course, the fact that it's Halloween already lends itself to strange things.... This dude, who was dressed as Fred Flintstone belted out the loudest "YABBA DABBA DOO" we'd ever heard from the Deck 8 Railing over the Centrum on Grandeur. The acoustics carried it throughout the ship. We laughed our butts off. When I mentioned it on the group page, another witness happened to say, hey, that was my son, and posted this picture.
  18. That's what I was thinking, plus, I think she was the only one with a Red Status when it came to being able to go to the Bahamas. Something is going on .... If I was a betting man, my thought is they may try to resurrect Pullmantur using her and Horizon ..... and it wouldn't surprise me if they pull Empress and/or Majesty in the mix as needed.
  19. And with sailings being canceled till the end of February, that eliminates all her sailings through the end of March.
  20. Do you remember when Nassau was NOT the most enjoyable port and folks would stay on the ship? Now most would be Happy to have a cruise just to Nassau.
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