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  1. Wonderful! You will love Seattle... I have been here for 30 years and have no plans on moving anywhere ?
  2. Congratulations!! Hope it all works out for you logistically!!
  3. Thanks! This is my 2nd time on Ovation to Alaska in the last 2 years, and I went kind of crazy and am on both 8/13 and 8/27 sailings. I figure let me take advantage of leaving out of my hometown Seattle without having to fly as much as I can before the season ends and things get more crazy (not really liking where the country is headed with Covid cases ? )... and then I booked Norwegian Encore out of Seattle as well in October. Alaska 3 times in 2 months = I am crazy but I am doing it for the ships, and maybe if I get lucky enough I will get to see the Northern lights on the Encore since it's in mid-October...oh and I love Glacier Bay (I like NCL's itinerary more than Royal Caribbean's but got friends on 8/27 so can't cancel, plus thought it would be cool to go on the first Ovation sailing). I tried to get on the Encore today (first sailing 8/7) but no luck ? Hope you have some fun cruises booked soon too! I got Oasis in September out of Jersey...only flight I am taking this year if it all works out! First time to Cococay, 2nd time on Oasis-class but I am so wanting to go since it's been 8 years since Allure.
  4. True...well if the Internet isn't working, I am sure I will find other things to do ? Perfect opportunity to create tours in public spaces and perhaps a ship tour as well. I know there are many tour videos out there already but it's always nice to get them from different perspectives. I just need to get back on a ship lol!
  5. Sounds good! Thanks for the heads up. I will likely only attempt to post pictures on FB and Instagram, will hold off on YouTube until I get back.
  6. Good to know! I will try to upload when we are port ? Were you referring to the internet on the ship or in Alaska in general? By the way thank you for subscribing to my YouTube channel, got a notification, appreciate your support!
  7. This on the cruise planner gave me the impression that on Day 2 and 7 there will be a charge given where we are. But other days it will be 'free', or that is my assumption. Can't make any reservations online, likely have to do so when you get onboard. I will report back what happens since I am going next Friday.
  8. Thank you for subscribing, much appreciated! I will definitely be posting videos on YouTube as long as the internet connection works properly. Pictures may be more frequent on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter since they are a quicker upload, but I will do my best!
  9. Weird thing happened on my Oasis 9/19 sailing...check-in briefly opened, but only time slot was 3pm for a wellness check, then a few seconds later it disappeared and then it showed check-in not available and that they will email us. Royal IT at it again with their glitches.
  10. Nope, but I am going to be posting a lot on my social media channels about boarding, onboard experience, food, shows, etc. You can find me on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I may not post in here but will do so on other channels. All are the same name if you search for "Cruising With JT". Only difference is Instagram there are no spaces. Thank you in advance for following and subscribing!
  11. So I may have done a thing...and still booked for 8/27. Not quite a b2b but I will take it! Excited for the first sailing and then the third one too! Yay!!
  12. I think eating at specialty restaurants with your husband sounds like a great idea, if you got a great deal definitely keep it. I am guessing you will be mixing it up with the MDR/main dining room a few nights here and there? Windjammer is closed for dinner so I will need to look for different options. I will probably do MDR on formal nights and other nights just grab something quick from Two70... might even do Pizza a few nights lol... All good regarding facebook. Hope to meet you onboard. There isn't an official meet and greet but I am planning on being on the pool deck during sailaway at 6pm before heading to dinner. You can't miss me since I will be wearing a "Cruising with JT" tshirt lol, please stop me and say hello! Sorry if I missed your name @MicDay earlier?
  13. I saw that! Although I am definitely doing Windjammer for breakfast and lunch since it will be closed for Dinner, which is when I will go to the MDR or other quick places to eat... I might only do MDR a few nights since I am going solo (don't really want to be eating solo for 1-2 hours lol). It is interesting that entertainment options are not open yet, although I think it is getting closer. Check in opened, then eDocs came, and now Entertainment I would think will come, OR they may just ask you to reserve when you get onboard via the app which is fine. Last time we went in 2019, we only booked "Pixels" their awesome cinematography show on Cruise planner, everything else was wide open if I recall. Can't even remember their main theater show which we may have reserved or walked in. We will know more in the coming weeks. Also if you guys are not on the FB group for Ovation August 27th sailing you should join, it's got a lot more updates and conversation regarding this sailing, testing, etc etc.
  14. Agreed... I have already booked flights using miles but the cancellation policy is flexible... I am not sure about 11/14 Harmony or my 12/5 Oasis... I think for now I am only confident about my 8/27 Ovation and 9/19 Oasis...but things are changing so fast... go away Delta variant...
  15. I am hearing that you can do drive through rapid tests and they don't really ask you why you're there since you're sitting in the car?
  16. Why would anyone get a test by themselves when they have to pay for it? Everyone is going to opt for the complimentary test from Royal in a separate terminal. From my understanding, rapid-antigen or PCR tests are not covered by insurance if they are related for a "travel" reason. They are only covered if you actually have symptoms. Not sure lying is a good idea either.
  17. I honestly think there may be a huge backlash from Royal's vaccinated customers about this and maybe Royal might change a few things. They should just do the testing at the terminal on the day of sailing, so much can happen in between 3 days prior to sailing and the day of sailing. Heck, make it less stressful for your guests! No other cruise line is putting their guests through this kind of experience. Last minute changes, protocols etc. Come on Royal.
  18. I am hoping Royal Caribbean offers guidance on this. We still have a few weeks to sort this out, luckily. I am planning on getting tested on Wednesday the 25th, going the antigen test route for quick results and don't want Q-tip shoved up to my brain.
  19. Booooooo! I understand why they are doing it, but it's almost like being vaccinated means nothing now -- https://www.royalcaribbeanblog.com/2021/07/29/royal-caribbean-will-require-negative-covid-19-test-all-us-sailings-longer-4-nights
  20. I think I might be the only cruiser staying on the ship the whole time ? I've been to Alaska twice, going back mostly for the ship. I miss cruising, the ship is usually my destination (unless it's going to Perfect day @ cococay)
  21. You will enjoy Mendenhall Glacier and White pass scenic railway for sure! I have never done the whale watching or sea otters/raptors.
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