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  1. Didn't see this posted. Looking around in Royal Gifts and noticed there are now Alcohol Packages, 2 to be exact. Bacardi Gold and Bombay Sapphire. Didn't see them in cruise planner. Bombay is about $16 for 375mL at my local Total Wine. This is something I will have to consider in the future. BACARDI GOLD AND COCA-COLA PACKAGE$40.00 This package includes: (1) 375 ml. bottle of Bacardi Gold and 4 Coca-Cola cans. Alcoholic beverages will be delivered after sailing in the state of Texas. *Please allow 48 hours for delivery once an order is placed/completed. *Must be
  2. We've purchased the " all your digital " photo package twice; on Allure and Liberty. Both were purchased pre-cruise at $249. The Allure sailing was my 40th birthday and we had over 350 pictures. On Liberty we were 6 in a suite (3 kids) and had over 1,100 photos. We were travelling with family in 5 other staterooms and any pictures that someone from our room took with other family were included in our package. Was surprised that many photos of just family members (without us in them) were included also. My mother purchased the prints, during the week, for an additional $99. She is stil
  3. Just wanted to publicly thank bcarney for getting the magnetic bottle opener and wine stopper for me on his Adventure cruise last month. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Still looking for someone who will be cruising on Allure and Independence.
  4. I'm digging this idea. I'm looking for Wine Stopper and Magnetic Bottle Opener for Adventure, Allure, and Independence of the Seas.
  5. Sent a PM. I have a request foryour Adventure sailing
  6. Noticed Cruise Planner now only has one VOOM package. Surf + Stream for $8.99 for one device. Best price yet. I suppose you must purchase for each person instead of the 2 device package. Previous 2 device package was $21.99, so a savings of about $4.
  7. The banner with 30% off is no longer showing, but the prices are still discounted. Day 1 has the largest discount.
  8. Never hurts to call and ask. Just checking to see if the booking has lower pricing with the new sale.
  9. You know you're addicted to cruising when you compare the price of things to the price of a cruise. We can get a 3 day cruise for the price of that tv.
  10. We had the surf and stream package on Liberty on the May 29th sailing. Periscoping was a no go, but we were able to watch HBOGo, xfinity tv, and Netflix, with no issues. Didn't try video chatting.
  11. It was good for my mom also. Saved $505 on her Navigator booking April 14, 2017
  12. I called RC because the 20% off select was showing up in my Cruise Planner also. Was told that the Premium and Ultimate are also at 20% off.
  13. Will be interested in seeing how this works, since both the streaming and non streaming packages are available in my cruise planner.
  14. Thanks for the feedback everyone. Will wait and see if any reports come back over the next few sailings
  15. The new VOOM packages are coming up in the Cruise Planner for my Liberty of the Seas sailing on May 29, 2016. Can anyone confirm Liberty actually has VOOM now? Thanks
  16. First time on Enchantment. Navigator was my first ship and like you I was hooked after the first time.
  17. Nice Kat. We will be on Enchantment for the first time for our anniversary in November. Looking forward to it. Debating between the beach loungers or getting a cabana. Got the lounger when we sailed Majesty and really liked it. Just thought we'd kick it up a notch for our anniversary.
  18. Hello. My name is Rena and my husband is Jimmie. We are from Miami. I've been stalking the blog for about two years now. Finally thought I should actively participate. Been cruising since 2010. Navigator was my first ship and I've been hooked ever since. Have sailed on 9 Royal ships so far and looking forward to Anthem, Harmony, and Enchantment later this year. Really appreciate all the information. And am currently enjoying Michael's periscopes on Brilliance.
  19. Don't laugh, but we've done Bernard's tour 3 times. DH and I did tour #2 together. Then traveled to St. Maarten two other times with different family members for tours #1 and #2 again. We debated not doing it that third time when traveling with our cousin, but the tour is really comprehensive and the free rum punch and beer doesn't hurt. Highly recommend. As other poster mentioned, there is not a lot of time in Marigot, so if you are eating there, be quick about it if you want any time for shopping.
  20. Was able to on the Jewel in September. Charged $7 plus the 18% gratuity. Asked for a shot of coconut rum in my virgin frozen pina colada.
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