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  1. Disappointing to hear that, for sure. Perhaps I won't even bother with getting Internet; we'll be switching to AT&T this month and I might just add their cruise plan for the month.
  2. First-time cruiser here, and I'm very excited! My wife, young daughter, and I leave on the Liberty of the Seas later this month. While I think we all plan to "disconnect" as much as we can, we want to be sure that we can call grandma and grandpa a couple of times if need be, and maybe send photos or videos once in a while. I know that Liberty has Voom, but I've read conflicting reports as to whether it's the "new" Voom or not. I don't want to prepay for Internet service that'll end up being so lousy as to be frustrating to use. Anyone have recent first-hand information on this?
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