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  1. So, now that we know for sure that the Quantum class will not have a traditional main dining room in favor of a more "freestyle" or "my time dining" approach, what are your thoughts? As details unfold it looks like instead of there being 1 main dining room, there will be separate larger complementary dining venues which will allow guests to either rotate between them, similar to NCL Freestyle Dining, or simply book a space in the restaurant, similar to My Time Dining, which is already an option on other Royal Caribbean ships. We will find out tonight after the Quantum Reveal exactly what restaurants will be available on Quantum of the Seas and exactly how dining on the Quantum class will work. A restaurant list was accidentally leaked for Anthem of the Seas, which Matt has posted on the blog. My opinion: I'm excited for the changes. I have said for a long time that there are many similarities between Quantum Class and Celebrity Cruises Solstice Class. The restaurant list also has similarities. Celebrity is in the process of creating a suite restaurant on each ship, Silk (Silk Harvest Pan Asian on Celebrity), and Michael's Pub (Celebrity has a Michael's Club). Not that I'm bored with the current restaurant setup on Royal Caribbean ships, but I welcome the new changes and look forward to new menu offerings in the new restaurants. Also I think a change in scenery each night would be great.
  2. So the story on this is: Royal Caribbean mistakenly published Anthem deck plans and then obviously took the page down, which is why it doesn't work. Via RCIFans.com No main dining room! Four larger dining venues. Wikipedia picked up the info and published the list of dining venues. See links below. http://www.rcifans.com/apps/blog/entries/show/41990631-exclusive-anthem-of-the-seas-dining-venues-leaked http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Quantum-class_cruise_ship&oldid=601200874
  3. I like the new room design, very Celebrity Solstice class like. Again, another example of how the Quantum Class is looking more and more like the Celebrity Solstice class. Super chic and sophisticated. Or as Richard Fain says "sexy". :o I must say I'm always amazed at how things progress over time. I find myself thinking constantly about things "Why didn't they think of that years ago". The room setup seems very logical and much more organized than any other room setup Royal Caribbean currently has.
  4. The link does not work even from the Royal Caribbean UK site. When doing a search, I did find another site. http://www.iglucruise.com/anthem-of-the-seas/deck-plans?deck=3202
  5. Sandya, What advice could you give a couple in their early 30's without kids who are thinking about taking their first DCL cruise? We love Walt Disney World and think we'd also like a Disney cruise. We've sailed Royal Caribbean several times and will always call Royal our brand, but would like to experience the magic of Disney on the high seas. :P
  6. The Oasis 3 images have since been removed from The STX France website. :ph34r:
  7. My opinion would be no. Oasis/Allure does not stop long enough in Nassau to really get your money's worth out of an excursion or resort day pass. You can go to the resort for free and "look around" but pools, beach, and aquarium are off limits to only paying resort guests or folks who purchased an excursion or day pass.
  8. The first Oasis 3 images have been posted by STX France. Anyone see a water slide? http://stxfrance.fr//UK/stxfrance-reference-34-OASIS%203.awp
  9. I took my first cruise in 2005 on Explorer of the Seas. I went with a family group of 6 for just a family vacation. I didn't know anything about cruising, had never heard of Royal Caribbean, Cruise Critic or even looked at a deck plan. We got on the ship and had the time of our lives. I couldn't believe an experience existed like the one we found on a cruise. To be on this floating resort with just about anything at your fingertips, with people willing to get you anything you wanted. Not having to make your bed, wash your dishes or plan anything was an amazing feeling. Since then I've been on 5 cruises total, even getting married on Liberty of the Seas in 2008, and think it is the only way to travel. I do enjoy Disney World as well, but a cruise is way more relaxing and better value for my money.
  10. I'm not surprised and am glad that the previous listed items that were removed have now been added back to the menu. Like a new menu at any restaurant, public feedback may change things. I'm glad Royal Caribbean is listening and making changes accordingly.
  11. I agree. On a side note, a week ago someone posted on CC about "Cruise Critic Censorship" and was talking about the moderators who think they are God and can delete, lock, any post they want that they deem unacceptable, etc. I commented on the thread and added a suggestion that CC update their forum program/software to include liking, sharing posts and suggested they let loose on travel agent suggestions and website link sharing. After all sharing info is why Cruise Critic exists, right? Several others commented too on the "rules" they enforce by deleting posts, blocking out web address, etc. I once referred someone to a review on TheRCLBlog and was sent a message by a CC mod saying I was in violation of their user rules. :rolleyes: Anyway, the entire thread was deleted. LOL :ph34r: I agree with you. I posted this here because of the "blow up" it was causing on CC. :huh:
  12. Folks just off cruises are commenting on CruseCritic that the price for JR's has increased $1 to $5.95 all you can eat, excluding milkshakes. This has blown up to be a big deal on CC, while some think it really isn't that big of a deal. Is it to you?
  13. I don't understand why Royal Caribbean has all these offers, coupons, savings certificates, credit card points, that really no one understands, even their own employees. All it does is cause confusion and screws things up. You are lucky in your case. It is really a hassle to read all the fine print, and in the end just makes more work than it is worth. Also their booking system and online reservation system is so complicated and antiquated. It is easier to get approved for a mortgage than book a cruise! For a brand that has so many billion dollar ships, they certainly lack in other areas.
  14. Yes it does slow the boarding process down, however not that much. And if you don't have access to a computer or know how to use one then you have no other choice. ;) I bought these luggage tags and they worked great. Also look great too.
  15. It is okay if you don't print them ahead of time. The whole thing is a bit confusing if you ask me. There are people without computers who obviously won't know this. If you do not print your boarding documentation ahead of time Royal Caribbean will take care of it for you at the pier, it will just take a little longer. Porters will also have luggage tags for your luggage if you don't have those either. :D You'll be onboard Oasis with fellow RoyalCaribbeanBlog member bcarney. Enjoy your trip on one of the world's largest cruise ships!
  16. LOL at your Holland America comment. Had friends go on HAL and they said most of the other passengers were 3 times their age! Bill, you're sailing Oasis in a couple weeks. I know you'll have a fab time! Warning: You won't want to come back home! Hopefully all the snow will melt by the time you get back in town and it will actually look like Spring has arrived in Michigan. :D Safe travels.
  17. I arrive early as well. I'm an early person by nature. And you have paid for that first day, so you might as well be one of the first ones on the ship! Tips for early birds: You get on the ship first, have more time to explore, learn the ship layout. Your luggage typically will get boarded first and delivered sooner than later. You can beat the rush to lunch. You can make show and specialty reservations before everyone else.
  18. You should be fine. Might be a good idea to let your waiter know the night before you have the show, so he/she doesn't wonder where you are or why you are late. But if you are tardy to dinner, that is okay.
  19. Don't worry I wasn't invited either. :rolleyes: Although I did hear that only Pinnacle C&A members were invited. The cat will be out of the bag once that shindig is over.
  20. Whatever the dining options are going to be it must be good otherwise they would have already spilled the beans by now. From the deck plans, it looks as though there could be a 2 story main dining room, but who knows. So much is "more to come" you can't really tell.
  21. The packages are priced per person per day. So if you buy it on day 2 you would be charged starting on that day.
  22. Some people carry a case of bottle water on with them. Other's put it in a duffle bag and carry it on or have it delivered to the room. Just a note: The water onboard the ship is perfectly safe to drink. You can get ice water in any bar or restaurant for no charge.
  23. I will agree with you. Do you think Quantum Class will reflect the style of Celebrity Solstice class? Richard Fain called the features "sexy". I can't say existing Royal Caribbean ships have any sexy features. The exterior of Quantum looks similar to Solstice, in my opinion. Also the retail layout looks similar to the boulevard of shops on Solstice class. It looks as though there is a 2 story main dining room, but maybe these will be more like individual restaurants and have a rotational dining theme with other restaurants onboard?
  24. I read that there will be the "first food truck at sea" on the second level of SeaPlex. http://www.cruisecritic.com/reviews/review.cfm?shipID=705&CFID=234936468&CFTOKEN=447d6e959af1d537-8FC5382A-A744-9452-D83472315E1CC64A
  25. I know it's pricey. I guess you pay somewhat of a premium to have them "involved". If I remember correctly my wedding was $1,850 for just a ceremony in the chapel and champagne toast w/ strawberries. No reception, cake or anything else. Photos were all extra too. But, it's the price of love. :rolleyes:
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