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  1. Really looking forward to it, can't wait! We will defiantly check out the gym!
  2. Just located luggage tags in the "Guest Ticket Booklet" on Royal Caribbean's website. Says to print in color, and print as many as needed. Haven't cruised in awhile, a lot has changed!
  3. Great idea of the luggage tag holders. Will definatly check them out!
  4. Thanks for the replies. We would not have known to print them at home. We would have waited until the day of our cruise for the luggage tags. Thanks!
  5. Our next cruise is on Oasis on April 5th, 17 days! We have chose the My Time Dining, and have a show booked each night (really looking forward to the aqua theatre performances). We are booked in an ocean view balcony. Not sure yet about specialty restaurants. We actually booked no shore excursions, partly because we would rather "explore" the port our selves, and, the ship is so massive, we plan on being on board while docked for some time. We are really looking forward to it, we have even made "Cruise T-Shits" and a logo to go with it (yes a bit geeky)! So excited!
  6. Hello, we are going on Oasis on April 5th. We were wondering when we receive our paper work in the mail (luggage tags, boarding info, etc.). Do we even recieve anything other than luggage tags? Thanks for the help.
  7. Tylor- We are somewhat early birds as well, get to enjoy more of your day (especially on a cruise)! Thanks for the tips!
  8. bcarney- We can't wait either! We are constantly checking reservations and days left. Seems like it was just 100 days! So ready for another vacation!
  9. This is true too. Thanks for the advice! We're down to 25 days!
  10. I totally agree. I cant stand waiting at the hotel. I would much rather wait at the cruise port than the hotel!
  11. Hello. We are sailing on Oasis on April 5, 2014, and on our SetSail pass, it indicates check in time at 12:30 PM. We thought this seemed a bit late, and we were planning on boarding around 10:30 or so. Is 10:30 too early? Has anyone that has sailed on Oasis had to wait until 12:30 to board? Thanks, Derek.
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