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  1. Thanks a bunch. The information i have read is that you can get married while the ship is moving which is most exciting. My fiance just told me that they are moving the Allure ships to Barcelona next year, so it will be on the Oasis of the Seas. Since they are pretty much the same ship, its not a big deal. We did photos last summer, and they are awesome (very expensive IMO) but they were beautifully taken. I have been doing a lot of research but thanks for your input so far, is definately helping. Also, Tyler your pics are awesome. Thanks again!
  2. My first cruise ever was in 2010 on the Oasis class. I was home on leave from Afghanistan and it was the best vacation ever. I have not cruised on any other class or any other cruise line since. I'm a little worried that anything less than Oasis class would be a downgrade. I had the most fun on my 2nd cruise however which was the Allure; plus i won the Bingo Jackpot on my last day!!! MY 3rd cruise was on the Allure also. The only difference was we went in the summer opposed to October with Oasis so there were a lot more children. I dont have kids so i'm not the biggest fan or crowds of kids (no offense to anyone). I love the Oasis Class I'm even planning my wedding on one. I cant say for sure that my first was my favorite (its hard to choose i've loved em all lol), but it def set the bar for my future cruises.
  3. Hello All, I am recently engaged and am looking to get married on the Oasis or Allure of the seas ships next summer. I have completed 3 cruises, a 4th one this summer and our wedding cruise will be our 5th. I am a platinum C&A Member also; so I am very loyal to Royal Caribbean and love cruising on their ships. I can't seem to find any personal experiences about any wedding ceremonies that happened aboard the ship through all of my searches on google. Is there anyone that can give me any insight or advice on getting married on the ship? I am open to any and all suggestions. The wedding onboard the ship is something i definately want to do; im absolutely sure about that. Can't really book anything or pick a date because Royal Caribbean hasn't released the June or July 2015 cruise dates yet. I know the summer is Hurricane season, is it better to book or plan before August to avoid rain? Thanks in advance. Nikki
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