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  1. Which Royal Caribbean cruise (and what number cruise) was it that made you into a rccl fan? For me it was on Voyager and it was my second cruise with rccl.
  2. 1. Med cruise to Rome 2. Panama canal 3. Australia cruise
  3. I agree about the Enchantment crew. Some of the best we have had
  4. Wondering what broadway shows will be announced for Quantum or Anthem or new Oasis ships?
  5. I dont understand all the anger about the change. Smoking is being banned everywhere these days, especially in United States. Not to mention there's still places to smoke onboard on upper decks.
  6. Virgin islands are wonderful so I vote for eastern
  7. Pacific round trip cruise. Leave from LA, go to China and come back (with stops along the way)
  8. I think Matt is right about Voyager being "small". Because Freedom, Quantum and Oasis are all so much bigger, Voyager is the new Radiance
  9. I would like to see another Oasis ship. More choices = better prices
  10. Great thing about arriving early on day 1 is the pool empty. Let the kids get a swim in before it gets mobbed
  11. Gotta be there early just to avoid the lines. The first cruise we took we showed up at like 1 and the lines were crazy. We read to show up in the morning and tried it and it was much easier.
  12. Everyone that has used the package that I've read about always talks about the reason they get it isn't to break even but to just not worry about what they order and if they don't like it.
  13. I am excited for Quantum because it looks really beautiful. Everyone always talks about how pretty the Radiance class ships are and I feel like Quantum is a mix of Radiance beauty and Oasis size.
  14. I won $800 playing slots one night. Don't worry Royal Caribbean, you got the money back later at the bar ;)
  15. The last time we went the food wasn't very good. Most of the food tasted like it came out of a microwave. I think Matt posted a review on the site not too long ago that echoed my experience. Basically, it didn't taste fresh.
  16. I call royal caribbean and book. It's how I have booked cruises since my first one
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