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  1. Yep, makes total sense. Making FCC’s worthless is the nuclear option. Would make no sense for a company that needs loyal guests to continue booking cruises.
  2. Seems like you have a lot of thought put into your analysis and I can’t say the same for mine. I do however have the advantage of walking into my backyard and counting the ships in Port Everglades everyday clearly indicating the Port has not shut down. I understand it’s provisioning & fuel stops prompting the porting but I find it hard to believe you don’t restart cruises at two of the top cruise ports in the country. To boot, our local economy depends on cruising (especially the Oasis class ships on the weekends). I would bet the ranch they both resume cruises at the same time.
  3. Port Everglades and Port Of Miami are 28 miles apart. Doubt they open one w/o the other considering many people fly into each respective international airport dependent on cost and then drive to their cruise departure port. Besides that, both Broward & Miami Dade counties mimic each others moves so if one port opens the other will follow.
  4. The entire cruise industry might lift & shift into bankruptcy. What a mess, even messier then a floating Petri dish.
  5. I have a thanksgiving sailing on Oasis and still holding out hope. I’m going to reassess in September.
  6. Exactly. The thought of sitting by the pool with a mask on only to remove it every minute to drink my beer kinda sucks. The entire experience could/will change. I’m just happy I had 30+ years of pre-COVID19 cruising to remember as the good old days. And I can’t handle the floating Petri dish comments anymore.
  7. Anything is possible assuming the cruise lines set sail before a vaccine is readily available. CCL resuming 8/1 could be nothing more then a “plan” and still subject to being pushed out. I could see an outright ban on smoking across the fleet as a possibility.
  8. Either way you slice it, NCL & perhaps CCL and RC are going to be in hot water. I can see first hand boots on the ground what the lack of tourism (mainly the cruise industry) is doing to East Fort Lauderdale. Even assuming we open the city back up soon we’re still at a major loss without the heavy influx of cruisers spending money week in and week out. It’s sad to drive down the beach and see it empty. I hope RC and the cruise industry as a whole can make it out of this and get back to normal even if “normal” is a new normal.
  9. I agree. The future is positive. There are way too many people who enjoy cruising and are itching to spend money on vacation again. This is just a matter of riding out the storm because once operations begin again the cruise lines will be flush with plenty of cash to pay off debt.
  10. I didn’t get that feeling at all onboard the Breakaway class ships. We have overly attentive service, great Suite options and excellent food. Overall a good value. I think bankruptcy protection at this point is fair game for any or all of the big 3 cruise lines. If RC doesn’t get back into operations 8/1 as planned I think they could be headed down the same road.
  11. I just read CCL will resume some NA sailings (Miami , Canaveral and Galveston) August 1st. It’s safe to assume RC wouldn’t resume a single day before that so if news is legit unfortunately it doesn’t look good for late June at all.
  12. November Oasis is back in Port Everglades so it’s not too far fetched. I’m still doubtful though we are sailing this year but I hope I’m wrong!
  13. Naa, a true “goober” would know how to get to “the rocks”. Yes, the view of the ships is great from the air but if you have the time & the know how to navigate the Harbour Isle neighborhood & get to the rocks for a sail away you will not regret it. Bring a couple cold beers and a camera.
  14. I would certainly book after 12pm since the debarkation process at this point is TBD. It might be an entirely different time consuming process.
  15. How about some pictures of what you miss from pre COVID19 cruising. I will get this started. I miss the Oasis Class ships & hanging out by the Costa Maya pool with my kids as well as St Thomas & St Maarten beaches! Oh & really miss the Sunset Sail away party on the bow of the ship!
  16. Totally agree re: cruising begins when all social distancing measures have ended. I have low expectations that cruising begins before 2021 in any form.
  17. Right off Las Olas & A1A Saturday. There were a few cruise ships in sight.
  18. They have a range 1 mile to the East of Port Everglades that runs South to Hollywood. It is common for boomers to surface (See pic). I have been on my boat in close proximity (maybe 100 yards) from an Ohio Class Sub.
  19. I’m still waiting to see these supposed “better deals”.... Actually I’ve never seen pricing as high as it is right now.
  20. I think CCL nailed it by aligning with Guy Fieri and creating Guys Burger Joint & the smoke house.
  21. I can also add that we ate speciality dining all (8) nights on the Carnival Horizon and the dining experience was also leaps & bounds ahead of RC. Not saying anything is wrong with RC speciality dining but we just found CCL to have better service, better menus and better choices across the board in terms of dining options. You can be loyal to more then one brand. I swore off CCL for more then a decade because I thought it was a bit too “budget” but my opinion has changed over the last couple years. The longer 7+ days to more exotic ports of call are better in regards to the ships and the o
  22. Agree. I wouldn’t cast judgement w/o trying the 8 day ABC island itinerary.
  23. Aruba + Guys Burger Joint are a force to be reckoned with.
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