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  1. I was at Labadee just last week and loved it. I highly recommend the kayak tour - a native Haitian takes you around the bay towards the Labadee village and points out the school, medical clinic, and other structures that were built from the Royal Caribbean cruisers dollars. It was really cool. As far as the market goes, I’m a single woman traveling alone and walked through the market area by myself to get back to the ship and see the island a little. I never felt nervous or threatened. I just kept saying, “no thank you” and kept walking. There was also Royal Caribbean security along the way who kept the vendors from coming up too close to the people walking through. It was a fantastic day and I definitely wouldn’t stay on the ship over safety concerns.
  2. @LJay0301 I couldn’t see mine, either, and I leave in a few days. At someone’s suggestion, I signed out of the app and then signed back in, and then could see my set sail pass. Good luck!
  3. Thank you - that helped. I signed out and then signed back in and can now see my Set Sail pass. Thanks!
  4. I leave next week, and am all checked in. I printed out my set sail pass from the website, but can’t seem to find it on the app. Thanks!
  5. Where do I find my cruise documents like my set sail card on the app? When I open it, there’s a little information about my upcoming cruise, but most of it is “coming soon” and won’t be available until I’m onboard. I don’t see anything where my boarding pass and other info would be. Is there more than one app? What am I missing? Thanks!
  6. I’m going on my first solo cruise in October and I’m really looking forward to it. I’m a total introvert, so I’m excited to just sit in the sun with my kindle and a slushy drink and just totally relax. Another question about dining: I have traditional dining - how will that likely work? I’ll get assigned to a table with other people right? How big of a table? 8? Just preparing for having to make small talk with strangers each night (not my strength!)
  7. Thanks for the quick responses. The current price is $22.99/day - I think I’ll go for it. Thanks!
  8. I’ll be on the Explorer of the Seas in October, and many of the package deals are currently on sale. I don’t drink alcohol, but do anticipate wanting at least one mocktail daily, and possibly a soda here and there as well. My question is: what is the ballpark price range for mocktails on the ship? I’m trying to decide if the Refreshment Package sale price is a worth it for me or not. Thanks!
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