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  1. It really doesn't matter what one types in a "chat" environment, "someone" will take issue with it. I prefer to look at Mont's comment about wishing the best for the people down there. But, I always seem to find a "silver lining". And, the term "fake news" is a water fountain comment now days. Doesn't matter if we like it or not, it's here to stay. Just like the word "Deplorables". And, I'm a "left" or "right" kind of person. Now, Let's all have fun! After all, we're talking about our upcoming cruise.
  2. It's called Poofing the post across associated documentation. No one does it anymore. Like speling erors.
  3. F.Y.I. I read and notified RCCL of CPAP requirement, received acknowledgement that they will have a gallon of distilled water, and extension cord in the Jr. Suite when we arrive. I don't have to pack a cord. :) I found RCCL to be very helpful but I'm one of those people that always sees or looks for, a silver lining.
  4. Please let me know... :) And which ship did you see it on the room service menu? Thanks much! Rob
  5. Just wondering.... Is Honey Stung Chicken gone from the fleet for ever? All I ever heard about was Honey Stung Chicken...…. :( Would love to try it one day.....Brilliance - Jan 31 2019.
  6. Seems I read at one time there was a $5 (or there bouts) one time free spin available to C&A members.....was I dreaming?
  7. I purchased months ago when it wasn't on sale. Re-booked it today. Total for the 6 nights $304.40 or, $50.73 per day/night. Including tips. Rob
  8. On Brilliance, there was steak every evening. Remember you can order as much steak as you'd like, as well as appetizers and sides/veggies. We loved the MDR on brilliance. Freedom of the Seas, this January 28th has a very high bar to meet.
  9. Just saved $85 on the 6 day Deluxe Drink Package for our cruise. :) Might want to watch cruise planner pretty close. Also, someone set up a facebook group for this cruise, FYI. Freedom of the Seas January 28 2018 if anyone is interested. Cindy and I are "almost" doing the double digit dance. 107 days. Best of luck to you all on saving a few bucks. :) Rob
  10. Hey guys! Where in Costa Maya is that located? I can make MUCHO points with the wife, if we can find it. :) LOL
  11. Again, thank you all so much for the reply's. :) Gonna stick with our original plans. :) Cross your fingers for us. :) Rob
  12. Thank you all, so much for your input. Very much appreciated...Rob
  13. Thanks Arebee! I swear you look familiar! Lived here all my life. In business and all over Winter Haven, over the years. :) Appreciate your input. Rob
  14. Hey Guys and Gals! Hope all are well! I'm having 2nd thoughts about the Jr Suite booked for Jan 28 2018 FOTS 6 nighter. I booked it because Cindy's "vacation" has always been to "lay" on a recliner chair on a balcony/shade and read herself to sleep. That's her "down time", her absolute pie in the sky vacation. I noticed in the RCCL Jr suite pictures, the balcony had a regular chair, and what appeared to be a loung chair (one with a totally different back) shown in the picture, but not fully shown. I'm hoping and praying there really "is" a lounge chair. Before I started calling RCCL to see if there is in fact at least one lounge chair on a Jr. Suite balcony, I thought I'd ask you upper classmen cruisers. Would any of you that know for sure, enlighten me? I know there's not a chance in heck, of "requesting" one, if they are not a part of the norm., and I understand why. I know the regular balcony rooms come with 2 "chairs". Any information is appreciated. This will be our 2nd cruise. :) We're counting the days. Thank you all, Rob Rob and Cindy Whatley Auburndale, FL
  15. Thank you guys! :) Appreciate the input. Rob
  16. Hi Gang, Noticed a $14 and change per day single person VOOM on the Cruise planner. This question is to any of you been on FOTS and used Voom, how was it? I know some ships are much better (bandwidth) than others, and I will need to do some "work" :( While on the ship. I don't recall seeing any "scopes" from Freedom recently, but then again, I'm old and forgetful. Thanks so much for any input. Jan 28th can't get here fast enough. Thank you all. Rob and Cindy
  17. Hey Gang, Anyone know of a "reputable guide" to take us around the area at Georgetown? Would we even need one? I'm not sure how much there really is to "see".....most of the ship excursions involve "beach time", and Cindy doesn't "enjoy" the sun. (too many skin cancers and surgeries) She's fine if there is someplace she can spend most of the time out of direct Sun. I've heard Matt say his Family's Found a "guide" at a different port, and it was awesome. We're going to Nachi cocom while at Cozumel. Looking for something to do, off the beaten path, at Georgetown, and Puerto Costa Maya that might not involve the "beach"/all day sun. Would love to hear any input/thoughts on the subject from you that have been there... It's great to be able to ask these kinds of questions to the ones that have gone before us.... Best, Rob
  18. Might I recommend MEI travel, as a travel agent? THEY spend time on the phone, not you (or me).....it doesn't cost you one red cent more to have an agent working for you. Best of luck, and Congrats, I'm sure you'll love the cruise......
  19. Actually, on Brilliance, Jan. 2016, we made it on the ship with 2 Large bottles of wine carry on. When she stopped the Xray in Tampa, I smiled and said "yes, that's my CPAP, and a Case of Water.....pause.....and 2 bottles of wine, as I understand, we can take. She smiled and said ok. :) Most times, I find it pays to be "nice" and to smile, with a wink. It might not work all the time, but it did for us. :) Have FUN, don't worry about the small stuff. Cindy and I just booked our 2nd cruise. You'll have a BLAST!
  20. Thanks to MEI Travel !!! Saved $45 on our Jan. 28th Freedom Cruise. Full disclosure, the "cost" increased $55, and we received a $100 On Board Credit...... Can't imagine how many "points" I can make with the wife, by taking her to "Chops" with the credit! LOL :) ;) :D Thanks Brock, With MEI Travel. GREAT JOB!!!!! Rob
  21. OK I'll mark this Solved...... but.....thought you guys would like a tip. After MANY phone calls to the toll free number on the web page, and being told there was an "IT" Ticket number assigned....Following up on that ticket number with "several" CSR's over the course of 5 days... at one point being told "IT" just told the CSR the problem was fixed... I find out there is NO "IT" ticket number at all. LOL I swear, I can't make this stuff up. How did I find this to be the case? After being told the issue had been repaired and resolved, and informing the CSR it most surely was not, I went to Facebook. RCCL International... sent a message...received a response from a "U.S.A." Based "Social Networks" CSR, saying I'd be getting a phone call in a very few minutes. Within 5 minutes, the CSR had me on the phone and transferred me to a "C&A" CSR. This guy knew his stuff. Said, "there is NO Ticket number"...never was. That, was upsetting. The problem I had is a "known issue" within their system. When someone uses their email address as a user name on the My Cruises "side" of the web page it causes an intermittent "major" issue. We made a new account using a "period", between my first initial and last name in my username (email address). Everything is fine now, or seems to be. All in all took us about 10 minutes. Now can get into both "My Cruises" and "C&A" accounts. (AIN'T NO STOPPIN' US NOW!). Note: When I asked him why the My Cruises CSR's didn't know about this "known issue". He indicated "Nicely", that I might want to call C&A CSR, when and if I had an issue in the future...with that, I can read between the lines...... Anyway guys and gals, it's corrected and I've learned a lot about RCCL CSR's. Might be good to know if you ever need help. Safe Cruising, Rob-o
  22. Good Day! Booked Freedom OTS for Jan 28, 2018 6 nights. Anyone else? Now....... to find someth9ing between now and then. Rob
  23. WA4IPE.........~43 years now.....Originally WN4IPE. BTW (Cruise Habit Bill) is a ham also. I spent an hour on the tower day before yesterday..... Thanks for all the input again, guys. Still no response from RCCL IT department. Calling them again today Rob-o
  24. Thanks Yo! I understand. I sold one of the first TRS-80 model 1 computers in the state of Florida..........yes, really! I'm normally pretty savy as well. Ham Radio Techie and such......but this one has me fooled. I hate to think we'll have to make a "new" account...... we'll see. LOVE your scopes, BTW. I'll keep ya'll posted. PS. I tried Firefox as a second browser...........that and 3 different laptops....... Rob
  25. Good Morning! Clearing Cache didn't work, different browser didn't work, but thank you all for input. I believe the "key" is that the CSR duplicated the issue, and probably why she put in a work ticket with IT. So far, over 48 hours later, I cannot get into either account, ( "My Cruise" or "C&A"...) I'll let you guys know what they tell me, if I hear from them. Thanks again for all the input. Rob-o
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