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  1. Hi All, on freedom from Thursday!flying from Glasgow to Barcelona. Do we pick up our bags at Barcelona or when we drop them at Glasgow do we not see then again till our room? All booked via RC and not a travel agent. Thanks x
  2. Hi. We are a party or 6 (2 conjoining rooms) departing Barcelona on 5th October. I'm after some advice regarding what we should receive? 1 room have already booked in but we are away the other room to do the same. Then do we print out our set sail passes? How do we get luggage passes? Do we still need to check in with the airline or is that done automatically when we have out set sail passes. Thanks in advance, it's so annoying waiting for others to check in but we are awaiting a passport.
  3. We are looking to do a group check in ASAP. Sailing on Freedom of the Seas on 5th October. Can anyone advise if we need to upload a photo or is this only for certain ships?
  4. All good folks, passport forums went off today. I have it confirmed will be back in 3 weeks, which is good because I travel to Croatia in 5 weeks.
  5. I'm travelling from UK. States 3 weeks on website. Thanks
  6. Thank you. We are just doing western med cruise so round Europe. I may get it renewed though, just incase! Thanks for your help
  7. Thank you so much. At the moment we have 70 days but I'd like to get it sorted asap. I just hate not having it all confirmed in writing. I will keep chasing them. Just read on another post about having 6months valid on your passport. We did not know this :( I will have to get renewal.
  8. Folks, is it true you need to have 6 months remaining on your passport? No one told us this!!
  9. Thanks. I just wish we had everything in writing. How hard can it be?! It is making us nervous!
  10. Hi, can someone please help? We have 2 linked reservations for freedom of seas departure 5th October. As far as we were aware,we had deluxe drink package for first 2 adults in each booking, as well as transfers for all from Barcelona airport. When logging into cruise planner for first time in a while tonight.....1 booking says "1 drinks package purchased" the other booking states "2 drinks packages purchased". Also it doesn't state anywhere that we have transfers included. We have phoned countless times and spoke to advisors who have confirmed the above, but it just doesn't show on cruise planner,nor do we have this in writing anywhere. Does anyone else have problems or should o be worried?thank you x
  11. I of course have a passport! Sorry for the confusion. I didn't understand the other id aspect. Thanks all x
  12. I am the same. Have paid so much for this cruise and wont have very much spending money. Im worried im going yo get a nasty shock as I try and leave the ahip
  13. Another one! Is food 24/7? Strange question but im quite partial to a midnight feed! Also if we do end up getting charged for items, do we pay at the time or as we leave the ship? Very confused with everything to be honest!
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