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  1. If anyone read the fine print on any travel insurance policy you wouldn’t waste your money
  2. We were on a 7 day western Caribbean cruise on symphony of the seas last week. On day two my wife got diagnosed with Covid. We are in a one bedroom suite and spent almost 10000 on this cruise. They said we had to move out of our one bedroom suite deck 11 down to an interior cabin on deck three for quarantine. I refused their generous offer and told them I would not move. They bring us food in cardboard boxes and it’s always cold when it gets here. We have plastic cheap cutlery that won’t even cut through a chicken tender We don’t have access to the unlimited dining or deluxe beverage package. Their website says that with the Covid symptoms you should stay in your room and the medical team will come to you. Instead they insisted I load her up in a wheelchair and travel nine decks spreading Covid so they didn’t have to make the trip. I refused their offer and they finally showed up. They tried to give us DayQuil and NyQuil even though there are contraindications for both medications with my wife underlying illness. I told them there were contraindications and they said no it’s ok she can take it. We didn’t. Then they changed their mind and sent up Robitussin and Tylenol but only a two day supply when we have 5 days left on the cruise. Of course we ran out I asked them to send up some more they said they were too busy and to try again tomorrow. I had to tell them that I was going to the ships store to buy medicine and break my quarantine because they wouldnt send us medicine. They chose to send us Medicine. I can’t imagine getting treated more badly that they treated us. No sign of any refund no promise of any refunds. They just kept adding adding adding to our ship account. Royal Caribbean needs to reevaluate how they treat their guests.
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