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  1. Royal Caribbean is definitely willing to make alterations depending on diet/preference.
  2. Wow, Cocoa Beach club has gone up, but we only had one ship at shore and wasn't prime time. We got a CBC Beach Cabana, that was totally worth it, being able to have an attendant. Our cabana was $1299 + taxes, in late April.
  3. We also think there was a covid outbreak on the previous Symphony cruise, as a few people in our party tested positive for covid shortly after the cruise.
  4. Day 4 - Roatan, Honduras Today we had an early morning excursion, so we had our standing Starbucks order along with room service. Our excursion for the day was the BOSS Underwater adventure! Got off the ship in a flash with the genies help. The water is so clear! Being able to be underwater in the submersible was amazing, and seeing the reef and all the fish. Then snorkeled for an hour afterwards while the other groups went. When we got back to the boat we had Johnny Rockets delivered to our suite. Onions rings were ok, not as good as Playmakers. Burgers were good, they messed up the order a little bit, had to get another burger delivered. Walked around in the shops until dinner. This was our second night in Jamie's, and they were struggling. The food wasn't as good as the first night there, didn't come out as fresh. I think they were much busier this night. Afterwards we say Iskate 2.0. Our genie lead us into the show. All of the ice skating shows are fantastic! They had a slight technical hiccup at the beginning, but restarted and everything was good. One of our favourite parts of the cruise is the Silent Disco! It always so fun to listen and watch people sing along to the three different stations. Grabbed a Sorrento's pizza, then off to bed!
  5. Day 3 - Puerto Costa Maya Today was an early day, so we had an early order of Starbucks and breakfast delivered before we had to depart at 815 for our excursion. We did the Mexican Salsa Experience and Beach Break. We had Sunil bring us down to the gangway, so much smoother! Made our way to ships time and take a short bus ride. The salsa experience was great! We made guacamole and a few different types of salsa, one was very spicy, my favourite, and the other had no spice, my wife loved that one. Then we got to try two different aged tequilas, one 12 year and the other 18 year, both were very smooth! Then we tried a strawberry tequila, WAY to sweet for me. After this it was on to the Salsa dancing! We had fun trying to keep up pace with the dancers, but ultimately bowed out, as my coordination is not the best. After this we walked over to the beach, it was such a nice day! Laid in a beach chair for awhile watching the waves hit the shore, swung in their giant swinging chairs and had some much needed water. I even found a geocache down the road! When we got back to the port, we pretty much walked straight back to the ship as we've been there before and everything is so pricey there... We had Sunil order us some food from Coastal Kitchen, Curry Chicken, Cesar salad, tortellini, flan and an apple pie dessert. Everything was soo good! Some of our party did a Tandem bike excursion to a cenote, but it definitely was not a cenote, more like a regular pool, and they did not like the food at all, they were very sad. Before dinner we did a Star Wars trivia and Name that Tune 90s Edition. We thought we were pretty knowledgeable in Star Wars, but we didn't do very well, compared to others, same with the Name that Tune. Off to dinner at Chops! We were greated by Sunil at Chops who walked with us to our table. After some chat, he vanished like the genie he is. We all ordered different things. For appetizers I tried the Crab Cakes, Bacon and Shrimp cocktail, very good! The cocktail had just the right amount of horseradish. For would I tried the Mushroom Soup, Lobster Bisque and the Goat cheese salad. My favourite was definitely the mushroom soup! For theain course, I ordered the Filet, rare, and Lobster. Both were amazing, filet was very tender, lobster was cooked perfectly. We got all the sides, our favourite was the creamed spinach and the cheese tator tots. The Mac and cheese was not very good at all. Tried the red velvet cake and the warm chocolate cake. Both were good, but the Star was the warm chocolate cake. Luckily, we weren't rushed as we had ample time between dinner and the show. We saw Ron Lucas the ventriloquist, his show was very funny. My wife's mom LOVES ventriloquists. Afterwards we had a charcuterie board and some strawberries brought up for a late night snack.
  6. Day 2 - At Sea We woke up to having our morning Starbucks order of a Venti Iced Chai and a Grande Iced Toasted Vanilla Oat milk. Gonna miss have Starbucks delivered in the mornings after the cruise. We had a late start, so wrongfully decided to join the rest of our crew at Windjammer. There was a ridiculously long line, so we asked Sunil about it, he was like WINDJAMMER?! Where is that? I had to promise him we would never go back. After a very long line, we finally got breakfast. Afterwards, we got some drinks at Playmakers, and asked about the Draft playing on Thursday, no straight answer. Hopefully they show it! Did some exploring, then played a friend in a friendly game of mini golf. Luckily, I beat him by a few strokes, both of us didn't play very well. Right as we finished my wife texted me and said she got a last seat at Izumi Sushi, the waiter called Sunil and he came running over to say Hi. Ordered some sushi, karaage, gyoza and ramen, everything was great! My wife loved the Japanese Strawberry Milk drink, so much that I asked Sunil about having some delivered later, and magically a pitcher of it arrived to our room right as they reopened later. That was a good pre-dinner drink. We did a Pub trivia and won! Also did a pool volleyball competition, did not win that... We got to have formal night at 150 Central Park! It was an amazing experience. But we were a little rushed since we were going to see 1977 that night, what an amazing show! We're seated in the second row by Sunil. After the show we were greater in our room by an Izumi Sushi feast we had put in earlier, SOOO good. Then our standing order of campfire cookies. It was a great day, definitely noticed the cruise ship being much much closer to capacity. But having our genie has really helped. Need to hide our ducks!
  7. Sorry If my answer felt that way, I never felt any aggression in your reply. I usually have my wife read my replies as can come across as crass.
  8. Just making reservations for our whole party. I guess ordering a bunch of food, is not necessarily giving them access to the perk.
  9. Day 1 - Embarkation We started the day around 6 am to leave Orlando for sunny Miami! After a 3 hour tour, ahem ride, we made it down! We dropped everyone off at the Star Class drop off, then parked the cars. We couldn't wait to meet Sunil! We made our way up to the suites waiting area and met our genie! All 10 of us did our quick boarding process, then on to the ship! I wish it was always this fast! As soon as we crossed the gangplank to the ship, there was a prior guest waiting to hand Sunil some Crumbl cookies! Would have brought some of I knew he loved them so much. We did our very quick and easy e muster (the best thing that came out of the pandemic), then up to our room! I let Margaret (my wife) do the honors of opening the room for the first time. Wow, so much room in this suite! We all piled in and they explored while we did the low down the Sunil. We were able to get reservations for 10 people everyday! Margaret got her body pillow, is amazing! He got us some great snacks from Wonderland and some desserts, and a good amount of drinks that we requested. We broke away from the rest of the group and HAD to visit Coastal Kitchen for lunch. I had some good scallops and we split the Braised Beef, SOOO GOOD! Then went to see what the hub bub was about Park Cafe. We had a small second lunch from the salad bar there. Explored the ship some more, had pre dinner drinks at Playmakers, then off to Jamies for dinner! Since there was so many of us we got the appetizers and pasta served family style, and we each had our own mains. This place is amazing. I don't think we disliked anything, the lasagna was probably some of the best that I've had. No show the first night, we wanted to have a quiet night. Well, we ordered some campfire cookies for a late night snack. We now have a standing order of these everynight.. Crashed so hard!
  10. Amazing! Doing a writeup right now, been crazy.
  11. https://cruisediplomat.com/f/celebrity-edge---the-parabolic-ultrabow It's a much more smoother ride. They also have AMAZING stabilizers.
  12. Woo! We all gathered and did our Emed tests, we're all Negative! Cannot wait for Saturday to drive down! Still need to pack.
  13. @Cruisingmama9 do you by chance have a menu for Starbucks on the Symphony?
  14. @MamaShark have you had Sunil before? What does he like?
  15. Just got a message from our Genie! We got Sunil! We've ready many good things about him. Has anyone had him before? If so, what does he like?
  16. I have a question for you all. We just won a bid for a 4 Bedroom Villa on the Symphony and we cruise out on Saturday. How soon do you guys think the genie would contact us?
  17. Canceled! Hoping to hear from the Genie tonight, but probably won't hear till right before the cruise.
  18. Just won our bid for a Villa Suite! Too bad we can't add people to it after the fact.
  19. The 4 Bedroom Villa opened up, so we put a bid on there, also a 50% off bid for the Ultimate Family Suite! Not expecting anything, but would be very fun! Only a few more days! Going to create some door decorations with magnets.
  20. You will get a lousy cruise experience if you're not up to date, AKA you won't be able to get off the ship, or even cruise at all.
  21. For our cruise, which leaves this Sat it is $65.99 pp/day. I think $98 is a little high. Does that include VOOM?
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