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  1. Yes, they got plenty of donors on our cruise as well. They specifically announced they were looking for male donors - I know there is some research to suggest better outcomes when gender-matching blood transfusions especially in emergencies (so I suspect the guest was male), but I wonder also if it was intended to cull the amount of volunteers. I've never before heard a request for donors, but after being on these boards, it sounds like it happens a lot! Still, I'm very impressed (and relieved) at the capabilities of medical staff onboard.
  2. We overheard some rumors that all seemed to correlate, but I am trying to minimize hearsay - if any of what we heard was true, injury sounds the most likely. My initial thought was someone slipped and hit their head, which, in a guest on blood thinners or certain medications, could certainly lead to a need for a lot of blood. I'm hopeful that the fact a medevac at sea wasn't necessary is a sign that this person was stable (or able to be stabilized) and will be alright.
  3. That is absolutely terrifying but also awe-inspiring, wow.
  4. I feel like a ruptured appendix would warrant a medevac.
  5. Funny, we ended up not even having the email/online option - my husband was tested Saturday (he worked Sunday) and by Sunday morning still didn't have his results. We called and they informed us the system had been down and we had to go in person and get a paper printout (thanks for calling and telling us... not.) Good thing he got his Saturday, because I took mine Sunday (the day before embarkation) and we would have been cutting it close had we found out Monday morning we couldn't get them online.
  6. Just sailed Independence out of Port Canaveral. Sail Away party in full swing (Rick, the cruise director, was by far the BEST cruise director I have EVER encountered on a cruise, by the way) and there was both a 70s party and an 80s party in the Promenade, different nights.
  7. Hopefully allowed. Just got off Independence of the Seas, March 21-25 sailing. Last night (March 24) the captain announced we were getting back to port early due to a medical situation with a guest. Alarmingly, about an hour later, they announced they were looking for five blood donors for the situation. I wondered if anyone here actually saw what happened. Please no rumors, we heard several floating around the ship. I imagine it was rather serious if they needed emergency blood donors. This cruise I learned: they can perform transfusions onboard?
  8. Having just gotten off my cruise... 1. People who didn't do what they were supposed to pre-cruise being in the same lines as people who did. I don't know if this is RC's fault or the port's fault, but we got stuck behind people who didn't take their security photo (we did), didn't take their health questionnaire (we did), didn't upload their vaccination card (we did). There needs to be a separate line for this. If the company is going to make a "do this to get on the ship faster!" checklist, then it needs to actually be faster. It isn't when you still get stuck behind 20 people who didn't do any of it, and have to wait for all of them anyway. There should be a line for "did everything you were supposed to beforehand" and if you get in and they find out you didn't, you get sent to the line of people who didn't instead of holding up everyone who did. Should be no different than the people who didn't check-in in advance. 2. People with mobility issues using self-assist disembarkation. I know they say anyone who needs wheelchair assistance shouldn't use it. But seriously, if you can't walk the same speed as everyone else, you shouldn't, either. 3. People with more than two bags per person using self-assist disembarkation. Again. This should be for people who can move at a normal speed. People should not be stuck behind you struggling to haul your four suitcases. One suitcase per hand, plus a backpack or purse over your shoulder(s), max.
  9. I used to run a Name That Tune every week at a local bar. Here's the thing: THERE WAS NO PRIZE. AND PEOPLE STILL CHEATED. Why on earth would you cheat at something there isn't even a prize for winning? I disqualified groups left and right for cheating, and they would get SUPER mad... my friend, you're the one who is such a sore freaking loser you are cheating at a game there isn't even a prize for! People are ridiculous.
  10. I left Monday and took mine on Sunday. Zero issues.
  11. I have been on a handful of RC cruises and my experience in the past has been that traditional dining, we (a couple) were seated with another couple. This was all pre-COVID, however. I find it odd I can't find any specific answer on this - are they still assigning mixed tables in MDR for traditional dining? Or is this changed because of COVID?
  12. Hm, oddly that page will briefly load, then suddenly kick to "OOPS! That page in unavailable." I had the same issue trying to view "updated safety protocols" from my email earlier. Perhaps they are updating?
  13. We are leaving on the Independence of the Seas March 21, 2022, and I am looking into our testing arrangements. Florida is ... a struggle as far as this is concerned, and complicating matters is that we leave on a Monday, so we have to take the tests no earlier than Saturday. It appears I can get no-cost testing at Walgreens, but the testing is listed as this: RAPID NAAT TEST Results within 2 hours Meets most pre-travel requirements The RC site only lists PCR and rapid antigen testing - not rapid NAAT. Will this still be valid? I would go for the PCR, but it says results within 48 hours, and that's putting us perilously close.
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