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  1. Thank you for this. We have all been missing that sound since our cruise ended!
  2. Back home and not too happy about it. Kids kept saying how much they didn’t want to leave. But, it was so much fun! I now understand why people love cruising!
  3. It’s been a great cruise for us, too! Loving every minute. Fingers crossed that the weather isn’t too bad for Coco Cay tomorrow.
  4. Happy cruise day! We had a hellish travel day yesterday, too. And my daughter dropped her phone in the airport bathroom, totally messing up her screen. My other two kids and I have finished getting the bags ready and are waiting in the hotel room for my husband and daughter to finish getting her phone swapped out. Then we can finally head to the port. The DBP is gonna come in handy today!
  5. 5 tests in two different states, all negative! We are good to go! So relieved!
  6. Two days to go! Hoping everyone taking their COVID test today gets a negative result!
  7. We'll be on the same sailing! Looking forward to reading you blog and comparing the different experiences (first cruise ever, Sky class instead of Star, older kids)!
  8. Two more days of work and one travel day to suffer through until boarding day!
  9. Mine were shipped overnight the same week I ordered them. But, I would order them soon, just to be safe. Also, I would get two packs so you have extras on-hand in case there is an error on one of the tests, like a result comes back inconclusive and you need to take another test.
  10. Thank you, @Atlantix2000! That is good info for the future. This will be our first cruise, but I'm sure it won't be the last!
  11. Thank you both so much! You have eased my mind, a lot! I can get a replacement card in time, and will. I will also bring the printout from our Dept. of Health, just as an added source of documentation. Us CPAs do love our documentation!
  12. When I booked our rooms, I had to split us up. My kids are 15, 17, and 20. I originally booked through the RC website and it said the first person listed had to be 21+. I thought it was weird, but didn't question it. Maybe because my son is the only one over 18? Saved us money in the end since I got the DBP for myself, but didn't have to get it for my husband who doesn't really drink.
  13. I did. And all were approved within a week. Even my daughter's which had the incorrect name. I did see the thread below earlier this week, and think it burrowed into my subconscious until it cause my mini-panic attack this morning.
  14. Hi everyone, Sorry, back again with another question. This morning I was reviewing our vaccine cards and started to stress a bit over whether mine will be accepted or not. It is not one the typical CDC card, using the white cardstock paper. Instead, mine is on blue paper, folded to replicate both sides of the regular card. At the time, I didn't really care about the physical attributes of the card, I was just happy to get my vaccine. But now, I worry (I'm a worrier) it would not be acceptable and should get a replacement. Has anyone been able to board at Port Miami with a vaccine card that has ALL the required attributes, but is just on different paper? Additionally, would a replacement card cause an issue since it was not the same one I uploaded to the app during check-in? I'm already stressing out over my husband's and youngest daughter's cards since all the information is in the same handwriting. The RC FAQs state they will be looking for fraud, and I'm really hoping that everything being in the same handwriting doesn't raise any flags. I do have pictures of their original cards on my phone. My husband replaced his to consolidate his vaccines onto one card, and we had to replace my daughter's because they switched her first and middle names on the original. Aside from the vaccine test we'll take next Thursday, this is something I fear could end our first-ever cruise before it even begins.
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