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  1. I would recommend doing a Future Cruise booking when ON an RC or X cruise using the $100 nonrefundable deposit. That way if you change your plans and cancel you only loose $100 (per person) and you are probably going to be offered bigger OBC than booking it later. I always tell them the name of myTA/travel provider (Vacations to Go) and my booking is transferred to him. Funny thing is I can Book an RC future cruise while ON a Celebrity Ship but Cannot book a Future Celebrity Cruise while ON an RC ship? On Wonder the Future Cruise desk said they don't have access to Celebrities system?
  2. We have been on most Celebrity ships but our Sept. 19-30 sailing from Southampton to the Canary Islands will be our first on Silhouette. Glad to hear is has been refreshed and has a good vibe.
  3. We Love Celebrity and it is our Cruise Line of Choice But friends are shocked that I Also like RCCL's Oasis Class ships! Why? The Entertainment and the Central Park. Also the enclosed adult's solarium at the Front of Wonder of the Seas. Sitting outside on a top deck above the pools listening to the music and watching the kids in the water park whilst sipping a (no Alcohol) Pina Colada on a warm Caribbean day.......... I can put up with the Rug Rats and crowds for the great entertainment on the Oasis class ships. The Aqua/Diving and Ice Shows are spectacular, and we go multiple times. My Wife has a Garden and Plant Passion, so we spend a lot of Time there. Dining at Giovani's at an outdoor table or an (open) window seat looking out at the Central Park is special. Legions of Rock on Wonder brought back to me why I need Hearing Aids now at age 80. To many past cruises to list and 12 more coming up..............
  4. I have 11 future Celebrity Bookings and I did buy the Elevate & Indulge package on some of them. Glad I did that now that things have changed. You never know What Celebrity will do next in the way of sale and perks offering. I do know that all the future bookings I made early this year are far more Expensive for those same bookings made Today. Can't blame them for trying to make up for the Losses of the past few years now that ships are being Filled up again. We were on the First Celebrity Post Covid Cruise in June of 2021 sailing from St. Martin and the ship had 471 Guests on a ship that can take 2100. It was like being on a big private Yacht with way more Crew than Guests, but you can't keep doing that and stay in business.
  5. We are on Quest next April out of Toyko/Yokohama and I doubt Azamara - Japan will drop pre cruise testing by then. If Testing Is still required that will make our trip more stressful as we are going 3 days before the cruise and will have to find Covid Testing There.
  6. Looks like this was sent to Travel Partners. I will forward it to My Travel Provider to see if he knows anything about What Cruises are part of the offer. My Wife and I do 3-4 Cruises a year together, but I also do 2-3 a year solo.
  7. Chinas loss is our gain! I recall during fitting out seeing the signs inside being in Chinese. I would guess those have been replaced but if RC is smart they saved them incase Wonder can someday get back to the China market. We will be sailing on Wonder in early April and I hope they have a Broadway style show onboard. Thats one of the things we like most about the Oasis class RC ships.
  8. February 20,2022 on Equinox. 12 Nights Caribbean. My wife and I sailed on the Millennium on it's First (June) 2021 Cruise out of St. Maarten and it's first (July) 2021 Alaska cruise out of Seattle. Then again on Millenium in December 2021 for 10 nights in the Caribbean. It was So Great to be back sailing on Celebrity again! 4 more Celebrity bookings for 2022...........
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