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  1. Current Cruise Director (CD) List, starting 12-2021 - Royal Caribbean International - Cruise Critic Community This is a pretty reliable resource for cruise director lists. Harmony currently has Jeff Arpin.
  2. We got the same email. it does seem like a mistake because it's a one way, but who knows. Maybe Royal does not want to have different rules for the different sailings. I guess we just fill out the form pretending that we are returning to Vancouver on 03Jun2022, even though we are not.
  3. Many people do what you are suggesting but I don’t think it always works out. You are basically “cancelling” your refundable dep reservations and re booking as non refundable. My experience has been that non refundable pricing goes up over time and you may find that as you get closer to final payment. i would also recommend keep watching the prices for the refundable and if it drops you can get it adjusted. In the end, it’s still probably safer to keep it as refundable and see how it goes.
  4. You might want to consider booking two connected staterooms (or adjacent even). It probably cost a bit more, but there are definitely benefits to doing so.
  5. I called the ArriveCan hotline (1-833-283-7403) and I got some additional information for my specific situation. As I am only doing a one way trip from Vancouver to Seward (open jaw) and not returning to Canada, I was told that I will not need to complete a second ArriveCan form to get on the ship to leave Vancouver. I looked at the 'enter by marine' form on ArriveCan app and it clearly identify 'port of entry' and date of arrival', so it makes sense that I would not need it because I have no port of arrival. I am sure the southbound cruises from Seward to Vancouver would use this form, but not the northbound Vancouver to Seward. I believe the issue described in the above referenced live blog was that that particular Radiance OTS cruise was closed loop returning to Canada which does make sense. I'd expect the same for the closed loop Serenade OTS sailings out of Vancouver. As for the land point of entry, they stated that the point of entry needs to align with the ArriveCan app, so I cannot put one and change mind to go through another. I would need to create a new form.
  6. Next week we are driving from Seattle to Vancouver for Radiance. It seems there are two possible point of entries available: Douglas (840) and Pacific Highway (813). Does anyone know if one is better than the other? If you complete the ArriveCan form for one, and end up at the other, is that going to be a huge problem?
  7. It requires two nights of specialty dining. I have seen them apply 50% off for two different specialty restaurants or 100% for one and second reservation is free. The BOGO requires the first reservation on night 1 or night 2, but it might require a solo person to do both night 1 and night 2. It's best to confirm at one of the specialist dining desks as soon as you board.
  8. I've have never done Hibachi, so I cannot comment on its availability when you get on the ship. While you didn't mention which ship you are on, I assume you are doing Oasis class based on mentioned 150 Central Park. We dined there for first time in March while on Symphony, and it was terrific. I would definitely recommend that one. Also, if Wonderland is available, it is an adventurous and unique dining experience (though may not be popular with picky eaters).
  9. I recommend reviewing the menu at main dining room on night 1 and start from there. You can see it on the app under the dining tab. You may or may not know that night 2 is typically the first formal night at the MDR and its usually a bit more upscale of a menu. That menu is also available on the app. So maybe you might want to consider night 1 as first specialty and night 2 in MDR. I have heard that solarium has not been open lately for dining, but that may change soon. However I have never actually eaten there for dinner, so I have no idea how that is. Same goes for Windjammer. Lastly, you could always do specialty on both night 1 and night 2
  10. I think it all depends on when they fully clear the ship from the previous sailing. I suspect you have the earliest advertised check in time, but that's not to say your 11am time could not start early, if the ship is ready to start.
  11. Keep in mind that if you book two balcony rooms, you can frequently connect them by opening the balcony dividers. That way you do not have to worry about the connecting rooms with internal doors.
  12. I think if you end up doing the no show option, you will also get solo points for crown and anchor.
  13. The Voom help desk is generally a 'pop up' desk. I would expect to find it on deck 5 near guest services or deck 6 near shore excursions. Hope that helps.
  14. For four people, it is definitely cheaper to get one plan with 4 devices rather than 4 one device plans. If you can share time, you can get lesser device plans and also save money.
  15. Until recently, it had been $92.99, but these days, I predict this is as good as it will get for a long time.
  16. Part of my assessment on dining preferences has been show times as well. Early seating allows more flexibility to see shows as, in general, the first show starts between 7-8pm and second is generally 9-930 pm. Late seating generally limits you to only one feasible show time.
  17. you have to be careful of the advertising. They frequently tell you a price saying its 2nd 50% off, but the price it shows already figures that for 2 people. For example, the $133.50 price above might be advertised as $67pp. So if the cruise planner is showing you $76pp and also claiming 2nd 50% off, then it's assuming the 1st price is $101 and second is $51 for the $76 average. If it truly is going to be $89 for 1st and 50%off 2nd on the ship, then it would be worth it on the ship. Even if you get on the ship and its $101 for 1st and 50% second, you are no worse off than your current pricing. The assumption is you are not diamond or above for C&A, because if you are, those perks should be part of your calculations as well.
  18. Probably not. As mentioned on my other posts, the tvs on most ships have their HDMI ports disabled and it is not easy to enable them. Some of the newer ships (Odyssey for sure) have Smart TVs which allow for Chromecast connections, and perhaps Independence will also have that functionality.
  19. I think you have answered your own question. If you can go without service for the first 6 days, you will definitely be saving alot of money. As for the onboard price, I have found that the presumed onboard price that the cruise planner shows is pretty accurate. The onboard pricing for US based trips is $25-27, so 20 € per day seems consistent. Also, if you have a diamond status or above, there should be additional discount for that which you can apply whenever you purchase it onboard (which you cannot when pre-purchasing through the cruise planner).
  20. The only beaches I've been to in St Maarten are Orient Beach (French side) and Great Bay Beach (Dutch side). I prefer Orient Beach, because I enjoy swimming there due to the robust surf and waves. There are plenty of bars and facilities there, but it should be noted that on far end of Orient Beach is Club Orient which is clothing optional, so with the teens, you might want to keep that in mind. Great Bay Beach is easier to get to get to from the cruise pier via water taxis. There is plenty to do in Phillipsburg as well. I cannot comment on the other beaches you have mentioned.
  21. No you do not, however Royal Caribbean will not allow you to change all names on a reservation. At least one needs to remain.
  22. The two set time for MDR are Main seating (typically 5:15 pm) and late seating (typically 8pm). You should be able to contact your travel agent and change your dining time before your cruise (as long as it's not within the next couple weeks). The travel agent should also be able to change it to My Time Dining, which allows any time and different times from day to day. Once you get on the ship, you would go to main dining room to speak with staff at front desk. They can help set times for your dining as well. I believe it's best to have a reservation for My time dining, but I think you can walk up and wait, but I have never done that. Breakfast and lunch in MDR is walk up and get seated system. I would also contact your TA for the specialty dining question, although it might be already on your account when you get on ship. It's better to double check before you go.
  23. I was thinking the same thing. I doubt Royal's system is capable of blocking usage prior to 31Dec2022 for a 2023 cruise. I am sure they can prevent their usage on 01Jan2023. Totally agree. Royal should be allowing these to remain valid until a period of time after return to full operation, no restrictions. Maybe it will happen.
  24. It might be tough to find any insurance 3 days prior to sail. Good luck. Please let us know how you make out.
  25. Be ready to board Review our health and safety protocols. Questions? Visit our health center When I went to 'View boarding pass/ edit check in. This 'be ready to board' window popped up with vaccination, precruise testing etc. and at the bottom it states 'visit our health center".... For our Radiance cruise, it clearly states that ArriveCan is required. For those leaving from Seattle, is it also there? I agree that I would rather not give any information to Canada.
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