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  1. We did get off the ship in Ensenada. However that was back in December. I wouldn't advise getting off now with the cartels battling it out on the streets.
  2. Our next cruise is on Ovation of the Seas 9/2 so I wish they would eliminate the pre cruise testing now.
  3. We're going on September 2nd. Can't wait. Received the Royal Up email and bid on a Junior Suite and Grand Suite
  4. We've enjoyed our Diamond status. As the economy slows and the staffing issues ease I think things will work themselves out.
  5. We agree and have instructed our TA to let us know when RC bookings open.
  6. We want to see the fall colors and neither one of us has been to NYC.
  7. We have a cruise planned for 9-2023 on Carnival because we didn't see one on RC. We'd much rather be on RC.
  8. Very happy we got our Royal Up to a junior suite for Explorer of the Seas February 13th. Our sail pass has been updated with the new cabin however our luggage tags are still for the original cabin.
  9. We just booked a Fall 2023 cruise from NYC to see the fall colors. We are booked on Carnival Magic as we couldn't find a RC cruise.
  10. We ordered the test through the RC website. Where we live ALL the places such as drug stores, etc. are sold out.
  11. Any reports of Covid cases on Explorer of the Seas? 2/13 is our embarkation date.
  12. Our AA flight to PR arrives at 11am on the day of our cruise. Just praying that are no hiccups along the way. We have an annual all trips policy from Allianz.
  13. That's a great idea. Our first leg of our flight to San Juan is to Miami.
  14. I guess this was inevitable. We're booked on ExplorerOTS out of Puerto Rico on 2/13. How far in advance are they letting guests know of the changes or cancellations?
  15. I had put the Voom for 2 pkg in my cart two weeks ago. Just went to checkout and it had increase in price from $300 to $500. That's ridiculous.
  16. Evidently being 100% vaccinated doesn't protect you from the Omicron variant. As more of the destinations are requiring negative tests 3 days or less old I'm not sure what the cruise industry and do.
  17. I just received a message that the U.S. Virgin Islands now require a negative Covid test within 3 days of arrival. How this will work for cruise ships is the big question.
  18. A positive that has come from all the Covid precautions is that smoking is being banned in the casinos. Now if they could just do that everywhere.
  19. She was married previously and he passed away. So all the points are hers.
  20. I'm 70 and my wife is 68. All those points are hers.
  21. The explanation they gave us makes sense. What is confusing is that her points balance was and still shows 83.
  22. After a very lengthy conversation with two different C&A people I basically got no where. What they explained to me is that we had eight cruises prior to 2011 that fell under the old point system of 1 point for each cruise. After 2011 the points were multiplied by 7 so that's 56 plus we had 13 bonus points for a total of 69. Add in the 4 day cruise this month and it's 73. However when we booked the cruise we took this month we each had 83 points and Diamond status. Now, my wife has 73 points and still Diamond and I have 4 points and Diamond status. Makes no sense. I emailed Mr. Bayley the CEO as well.
  23. We are now missing all of our past cruises on the RCCL website. I've been having a phone discussion with them since our points balance before our 4 day cruise this month was 83. Now it shows 73. The explanation we got was they miscalculated our previous points. Now, after hanging up with them all of our past cruises have disappeared.
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