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  1. I'm also actually awaiting. However I'm thinking a fall foliage cruise might be the next booking. But we will see if there are some new port of calls in the Caribbean.
  2. Is the release for Caribbean 2023 still this week? Any rumors of when?
  3. PG cruiser, off subject, but where did you get the picture on your signature bar showing what ships you have been on?
  4. Anyone know if it when Allure has windjammer open for dinner?
  5. Been watching a cruise in April of 2023 aboard jewel of the seas that looked fun. Now it has disappeared from the schedule. Does this happen often? Any idea why?
  6. In the summer 2023 opening schedule is says short Caribbean, Los Angeles, northeast coming soon . Do you think that means sooner then the others they listed or after? Or just whenever?
  7. I booked direct. And double checked I didn't receive an email. And website still says it's on.
  8. when did you receive notification of this? I will dig through my spam folder, but my account on the RC website still says PP. maybe we will be the grand opening of the new pier?
  9. We are booked on Allure for march 19th. When are you? And how were you informed on changes?
  10. My cruise still says we are going there but it's the only port not showing on the page where you book excursions. I wonder if it's still in limbo. We sail March 19th.
  11. When online looking at my upcoming cruise it doesn't even show the port on my excursion bookings page. Are they not allowing excursions in Puerto Plata?
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