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  1. I have been looking at this cruise as well as one on rhapsody. I know Rhapsody is quite old and smaller, and celebrity one is a new ship but when you add the cost of flights and accommodation just to get to Europe it all adds up so I will be going RC as price is too good not to.
  2. Awesome thanks mate, you're a legend!
  3. I’m heading to the US next week and was wondering if you wouldn’t mind clarifying if you did pcr test prior or whether they accept RAT done by a testing company. Just not sure which one to book as it doesn’t specify on anything I’ve read so far just states a negative test result printed on paper with the details.
  4. I booked direct through RC website as all the travel agents I know closed their businesses recently. That was information I was told when I called RC direct. I’m booked on Quantum November 22 so I’m outside the eligible sailing dates apparently.
  5. Would love to know your secret! I tried repricing mine but apparently it’s not eligible for price guarantee and I would lose my non refundable deposit. Little bit disappointed as the OBC would be a lot more if I had waited and booked now.
  6. I’ve booked quantum, but I’m based in qld so to not have to travel a day before and a day after a cruise is a big bonus for me with struggling to get days off work. But the only things I can think of is that Quantum is a slightly older ship (wouldn’t think that would make a huge difference) and was originally marketed towards the asian cruise market. Maybe people are unaware that it’s since been recently updated to suit western cruisers and is very similar to ovation now?
  7. That’s disappointing! I’ve got quantum booked for November 2022 but was hoping to be able to sneak another in in January by flying somewhere not too far away.
  8. Does anyone have an idea of whether or not Australians will be able to cruise on the Singapore to nowhere cruises when Aussies are allowed to travel into Singapore from next week? Or will they still only be able to be booked by residents of Singapore?
  9. With the Singapore government opening up travel into the Country for Australian’s from November 8, does this mean that Australian’s are able to book and travel on the Singapore to nowhere cruises? Or do you still have to be a resident of Singapore to book?
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