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  1. Yep. Especially the shoes.
  2. @Pattycruise thank you for saying that. We were originally booked in an Owners suite for our 2020 cruise that never happened. When we rebooked on Oasis for April we were disappointed the OS was out of our price range. We did splurge on a Grand suite, but I can’t stop thinking about the OS and that big balcony. The GS balcony seems cramped with the sideways lounge chairs. But you are right, we have a great cabin in a perfect location and I am just going to enjoy the cruise and not stress over silly things. Thanks for the advice.
  3. How is deck 17? With so many people “jumping ship” Crown lofts are opening up. I’m thinking of upgrading from a GS but only if it is ocean view. Would we be better off to stay on deck 8 closer to Central Park? I appreciate any advice as this is our first time cruising on RCL.
  4. I booked through MEI. Thanks for the info, I think it’s still too early for my cruise.
  5. I tried that link, but it does not work if you booked through a TA. Is there any other way to check? I’m curious about Labadee too as DR was already dropped and Nassau added to our April cruise. Random question: we our booked in a GS and I have heard the tub can be challenging to get in and out of especially if you are short. Is this true?
  6. It was already dropped from my Oasis cruise in April. Labadee is still listed but thinking that will change too.
  7. My husband and I are on! Did anyone else notice the itinerary change from Puerto Plata to Nassau?
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