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  1. The reason I asked was, like most seasoned cruisers, (this is #29) we know that you should dress smart casual or evening chic however, on our last cruises on the Equinox we were seated by the entrance to the dining room and every night there was a minimum of 30 men dressed in shorts or swim suits, one night they let a guy in wearing cut off jeans, a tank top and wearing a giant Sombrero! So I felt like I was dressing every night for nothing. I spoke to the maître d and asked if Celebrity changed the dress code and he insisted they had not but they were not enforcing it. I think at this point they are just grateful to have passengers. I appreciate the input and think I will be packing dress shorts and a few button down shirts. Cheers!
  2. My wife and I typically sail on Celebrity and we know the dress code says "No Shorts" however, on our last three cruises since the restart it was not enforced at all. My question is can anyone who has sailed RCL lately tell me if they are allowing shorts in the dining room? We are on the Mariner this weekend and only want to pack what we need. TIA
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