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  1. We bought these to use on our upcoming cruise. Other members of the blog suggested them and I think had used them. They are listed on the switchhealth website as being suitable for re entry into Canada. One thing we realized after we got them is that they are a bit big, like the size of a half shoe box and you should carry them on so as to keep them at the right temperature on your flight down, so make sure you have some carryon space. we will use them in mid February, I’ll update if there are any concerns with them
  2. Thanks so much! We bought the Switch health tests, I like the idea of being able to do it virtually from our hotel. Thanks everyone for your suggestions!!
  3. Hello! My family and I are Canadian and have a cruise booked at the end of January. The Canadian government still requires a PCR test within 3 days for re-entry to Canada. Does anyone have suggestions for Rapid PCR testing in Orlando. Looking at CVS and Walgreens it looks like their regular PCR testing is having some delays and we are worried about the 72 hour window for test turnaround. I know about the site at the airport, but was wondering if anyone had any other suggestions. Thanks in advance for your help!
  4. We just were on Mariner and they were able to do ours in the late afternoon. We just asked guest services and they asked for our flight information and then planned it from there. unfortunately they did the deep swab. Results were back in 45 minutes. It was straightforward and easy.
  5. We were traveling from Canada and in a similar situation to yours. We used CVS. It was free and they didn’t even ask if we were international travelers. Results were back in less than an hour. Only catch is you may have to drive a bit or take a long Uber to the different test sites, as they didn’t seem to be in tourist type spots.
  6. This is what it says on Mariner for me, 5 years to jump 7 with VR
  7. You can book it long before 24 hours ahead at the port if you want to. We booked ours for Mid October already. If you know you want to do it at the port you don’t have to wait to book. They sent us an email about testing options and you just follow the link
  8. We have a mariner of the seas cruise coming up in Mid October and were able to book testing at the port already with no issues. We are from Canada so weren’t sure if we could get free testing at CVS or otherwise get easy testing in Orlando so felt this was the best option
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