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  1. But I already had the reservation made with the OBC. It was only after I called and applied the annual tier comp to the reservation that I saw it gone.
  2. Just so ya'll know, I had a different experience a week ago. I had a cruise previously reserved with Next Cruise. I was able to apply my annual free cruise to this reservation and it all worked out. It took me three calls to get the right agent. Based on what I read here, I don't know which is right or wrong now. But I would like to know for future trips as I usually book with next cruise and then apply my annual to that booking later.
  3. On closer examination, it appears the $100 OBC that was there, is now gone. So I am assuming the OBC was dismissed as a result of the annual tier being used. But at least I was able to hold the room I wanted for three months with the Next Cruise until the annual tier came in. This was my recent experience.
  4. I was able to use the annual tier cruise on a Next Cruise reservation I made three months prior. But I had to call three times to get the right agent to do it.
  5. Anyone know if instant cruise reward certificates can be applied toward the annual prime tier cruise for an upgrade? Can they be used toward any existing reservation?
  6. I haven't stayed in the others so I can't compare. What I liked about Casa Camper was a couple of things in particular. They have an open buffet during the day so we were able to eat breakfast and lunch there and save money that way. Lunch was just simple sandwiches or cheese but sufficient. I found the honor bar on top of the building to be quite relaxing.
  7. I liked Casa Camper. I would stay there again if I go again. Very nice hotel.
  8. Yes, that is what I have been doing. But is that how it should be? Just seems like it should be done when booking. Unless, I need to state it explicitly to have a table for two, which i can't remember if I've been doing.
  9. Is there a way to at least get a table for two? I must be doing something wrong when I book. Because we are always placed with a group despite asking for a table for two at booking. Then we spend an hour stressing with the maitre d, to get it changed.
  10. Excellent post and insight. I had considered the idea of three days in Porto and three in Lisbon. I would love to do day trips from Lagos for about three days but my fear is that by November the tour companies may or may not be operating in Algarve. So yes, perhaps, after Porto and Lisboa, head to Spain to some unfamiliar cities.
  11. I am really torn on this one. The time of year is not the best weather and from what I read by November the Algarve has slowed to almost shut down for tourist season. I have alot more research to do.
  12. I've been studying this idea as well. The trouble I see is the weather this time of year. Although, I think if one heads south towards Costa del Sol after Portugal it may not be an issue
  13. Anyone know if you can get free casino drinks in the Celebrity casinos with a Royal Caribbean Prime status?
  14. Can instant rewards be added to the annual seven day cruise , possibly to upgrade the room?
  15. Do you have a website you use for airline employees to find this?
  16. *and put the deposit towards another cruise if that's even possible
  17. Right, I was able to find that. But in my case, it is for a transatlantic in 2024 and for a refundable deposit, it's an extra $500. I wonder if i'm better getting nonrefundable then if i have to cancel, just taking the $200 change fee to put towards another cruise? If that is how it works?
  18. Interesting. I wish they were more clear in the explanations.
  19. So, is it your understanding that even if I were to cancel and attempt to reschedule say 6 months ahead, I would still lose the entire deposit or be charged the $100 per person fee to change and apply the deposit to a new cruise?
  20. Yes, I meant deposits. thank you. I'll try that.
  21. Anyone know if refundable fares are still offered? I can't seem to find any information on this other than it appears only non refundable fares are offered now.
  22. I remember that now, too. Thank you!
  23. Anyone know if the table number is posted anywhere other than the room key ? I am interested to know my given table number before I get to the room. thx
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