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  1. Are pinnacles going to chops or CK for breakfast? On your week we’re pinnacles allowed in suite lounge?
  2. I agree. My favorite hands down was Chicago on Allure. Least favorite Cats on Oasis.
  3. I have heard acupuncture can help you should also check with medical on board.
  4. Looking for info on viewing this and going through inside passage from those who have been on Ovation. Is it better to watch from your balcony or on deck or from 270?
  5. Do you mean unsuccessful? What cruise are you bidding on?
  6. We were on the Mariner b2b early December. The second week was very different than the first week. It was very social till late at night since there was a lot of college students on board. The capacity was up by more than 500 and it felt very different. More people unmasked and more people packing into elevators and alot of partying.
  7. Unfortunately hand sanitizer will not kill the noro virus. My vote is no self service for all the reasons previously stated.
  8. I agree. We always cruise b2b but no more if this is the protocol. How will they provide for our safety and comfort? This latest protocol sounds like a knee jerk decision. I thought we would either get direction from guest services or attend the b2b meeting as usual and then get tested onboard, and escort us through the terminal and back on board. How do they expect us to wait in the heat for several hours with our baggage?
  9. This policy is not a current policy snd zi believe never was in effect
  10. Anyone heard if symphony was approved. Already had test cruise snd noticed Matt didn’t mention anything about it in his blog today about Mariner?
  11. Does anyone know what the symphony entertainment will be for first cruise and beyond?
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