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  1. On Anthem last week - list of points still showed 2500 points required but when speaking with host she confirmed it had been reduced to 1500 points but status does not change until April 1st therefore no sticker.
  2. I would recommend Atlantis Waterpark. You can buy day passes for around $200pp and that would give you full access to the resort. Without the waterpark passes, you can still head over to the resort and walk through the hotels and around the marina but if everyone would enjoy the waterpark it's a pretty neat experience. You can book the day passes online or call the resort.
  3. Ok, I understand and yes, that is different than the FCC being issued due to the halt in sailings. The only other suggestion I have then is to send an email to guest relations [email protected] and explain the situation and see if anything can be done. It can't hurt to ask. Good luck
  4. If you are referring to a future cruise credit then I would suggest your in laws call back again and again until they get someone who can make this right. Royal has become much more flexible in allowing FCC's to be shared amongst family members and this seems like a compelling case.
  5. The site was updated with the new testing protocols but the threat of being fined for trying to enter with a positive test (or no test) has not been removed. It could just be a scare tactic but until the threat of a fine is removed it is still deterring people from travelling and causing concern to some people who are choosing to go. I'm glad it didn't cause any issues for you.
  6. I was hoping that the Gov't of Canada travel requirements had been updated to reflect the removal of the potential $5k fine but unfortunately it still reads "A positive antigen pre-entry test result is never a valid test result for boarding a flight or entry to Canada, not even if it is from within 10 to 180 calendar days before your date of entry. Canadians: To avoid being fined $5,000 per traveller (plus surcharges), wait to enter Canada at least 10 calendar days after your positive molecular test result. If travelling by air, you’ll be denied boarding. Counting starts the day following the day of testing.
  7. Yes, we are wondering the same. Did the border agent allow you to cross with a positive test and if so was there any reference to the $5k per person potential fine? I hope you are feeling alright.
  8. We actually had our test at the SH Pearson airport site....which is 5 mins away from the airport but results were super quick. We then used the SH telehealth tests to come back home (took them in our cabin on last night of cruise). We flew Air Canada and had no trouble boarding flight or at customs. However, when I look at BOTH test results, they read exactly the same way. The address is the same (Mississauga) and the Test Type reads SD Biosensor COVID-19 Ag Test (BAS). I truly do not see how Royal could differentiate between where/how they were administered. To @Versachi's point, there is no reference to this being a telehealth administered test on my results.
  9. Yes, unfortunately that is true. We were on Oasis in January and casino was smoke free. On our Navigator sailing in February casino and pool deck were back to allowing smoking and it was awful. At least on the pool deck you can walk on the other side to try to avoid but when the solarium doors opened on that side it seeped through. The casino was packed and full of smoke any time we went to play. Would much prefer a smoke free environment!
  10. We just sailed on Navigator last week and had a tremendous time at dinner with our amazing dining staff Maria and and Omkar. They just really made our evenings even more wonderful!!
  11. We would have done the same had the rules been clearer...which only made sense...but didn't want to take the chance. With the new guidelines then taking them the morning you are leaving the ship means you don't have to interrupt your last night to take them. Have a great time!
  12. We paid for the rush shipping ($10 extra) and hade them 48 hours later.
  13. We just completed the SH Antigen tests on Navigator on Sunday evening. You need surf and stream to be able to do the video call. Reception did cut out twice but we were able to get back in the que. Overall it was a pretty easy set up and it was nice to be able to complete while in our cabin and not having to try to find somewhere to test when we left the ship. You have to take a picture of your negative result and upload to your account and then results were within 30 minutes. Look exactly the same as the results you receive via email if you test at a SH facility. We will be using these again to disembark future cruises. We loaded results to Air Canada's check in website without issue. While I can't speak to them being accepted to board, based on what was looked for this cruise and our one in January, I feel pretty confident they would be accepted. Agents are really looking for date and the word negative.
  14. Your choice of Oasis as your first ever cruise is a great one. Prepare to be amazed! You've likely seen it posted here on the blog, but just in case, either use the app as soon as you have access to book your shows. If you prefer, there are people with ipads at guest services who can book for you. Have a great time!
  15. OH.....I thought you were going to give it a whirl - Same price - just not worth thinking about it. Shoppers provides all the paperwork needed for flight and cruise - good plan.
  16. Thank you - yes, SH, Aeroplan and now the Canada travel website all give clarity that these tests can be used for travel to the US which is great. While SH tests are manufactured by SD Biosensor which is stated on the back of the box, I called and emailed SH back in January for our last cruise and was told they do not have any record of their tests having FDA emergency use approval. This was after checking with a few people. I emailed them and referenced the approval that is listed in the FDA link you provided and never heard back. The pier agents have a lot to deal with and now we are asking them to refer to product manufacturing websites to try determine which international home tests are approved. I agree, we shouldn't have to over think this - but it needs to be clearer so that families do not pay $40 per test thinking they are good and then having to pay at the pier should they not be accepted. Just trying to save us all from that headache and expense. Logically, it all makes sense that these tests should be accepted.
  17. More than likely you will be fine - at least you know there is testing at the pier if they give you any pushback. Good luck!!
  18. It's all just exhausting isn't it! While I've ordered a bunch of the SH tests, we are going to err on the side of caution and test at Pearson and YVR (flying in from different cities) and just not have the stress of wondering if the SH tests will be accepted. I will ask at the piers (this time Navigator / San Pedro) and in March Anthem / NJ) if they have any knowledge of these tests. There will be a lot of Canadians using them I'm sure! One thought I did have was if a bunch of us email Royal with the same request - will they accept SH / Health Canada approved proctored via telehealth antigen tests and if so if they could post that on their website for clarity then that would help us all in the many months ahead where I can't see testing going away.
  19. What I'm saying is yes, they are good enough for customs and the airline - gov't of canada website has announced that they are approved. It's RCCL that is saying they are not approved to board their ships. I called twice and was told no both times. More than likely, the agents wouldn't even realize it was a home test but just a bit nerve racking to be told no at the pier and then have to leave to get tested. Thanks for all your info!
  20. I'm so glad you didn't have any issues with using the SH antigen ones. Nowhere on the packaging does it say they have US FDA approval and they are not listed on the FDA's website as approved tests. They are approved to fly into the US but no mention of cruise line acceptance. Royal's website states that any international home test kits must be FDA approved hence the concern - one agent may say ok go, and another may not. These would be ordered in abundance for CDN cruisers if we could get an absolute from RCCL.
  21. I remember you sharing this! When I called Royal I was told unless the SH test is US FDA approved they will not accept it. They are made by a company called Lucira and their PCR proctored test has the approval but not this one. Can you recall if the boarding agent made any notice of these being home proctored tests? We were hoping to use them for Navigator next week but I'm now leaning towards just testing at the airport to ensure we have the required tests. Thanks!
  22. We have a few cruises booked over the coming months and under Royal Gifts in the cruise planner none of them reference the alcohol gift packages. Is there somewhere else that I'm supposed to be looking?
  23. There has been lots of discussion about the Switch Health Antigen tests - now that the Cdn govt has stated that telehealth administered antigen tests will be accepted to return to Canada at least we have that cleared up. Some members have posted that Royal does accept these same tests to board the ship. Anyone able to verify that recently?
  24. Anthem certainly has some terrific spots for being indoors but I can see where your wife is coming from. Allure, Oasis, Harmony and Symphony all have good itineraries for next week so perhaps determine where you can get the best flight deals to and go from there. If you can get to FLL fairly cheap my recommendation would still be Allure - good itinerary and the price for 8 nights is fantastic. It has not been amplified like Oasis has but will offer so much to do. Symphony out of Miami has a great itinerary. I hope you find something you both will enjoy!
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