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  1. When we are there Nov 29 it is showing 3 ships there, not even sure there is room for 3 big ships....Oasis, Odyssey and Harmony
  2. We are on the Nov 28 Harmony sailing and our itinerary was changed due to not going to Labadee. Now on the cruise planner for Coco Cay there are no Coco Beach club options, no cabanas or day pass....seems odd!
  3. Not shocking at all that's why I posted "without surprise to anyone"
  4. Without surprise to anyone I see the PHE was renewed for another 90 days effective this past Monday 10/18/21. Is this ever going to end?
  5. Guess I’m in the minority. Used to be the Indy now the Freedom but definitely freedom class.
  6. And those couches made into a bed? Because those cabins are showing for 2 as well.
  7. It does show 3, but no upper berth and no couch bed....confusing. The 1l right next to it 12317 shows 2 berths.
  8. My kids are in a GTY balcony and their set sail pass shows deck 12 and if you scan the barcode it shows 12315 which is a cabin for 2 and there are 3 of them. This is on Harmony Nov 28
  9. My kids got this email, they are in a GTY balcony and do not have a cabin assigned yet, so they are moving then from an unassigned cabin to a different one? Doesn’t make much sense. we are on same sailing and did not get an email.
  10. I am friends with a crew member on the Freedom and text him saying we were going to be on board the end of the month and asked what he needed/wanted and he told me they get everything they need on board or from Amazon
  11. Last week I did not get my check bag until after dinner.
  12. We do have precheck and I'm going to try and pack with carry ons only since it's only a 2 day cruise.
  13. It's a Sunday and yes would get picked up definitely before 9:30. I'm leaning towards risking it.
  14. I know they say no flights before noon. We are sailing out of Miami and flying out of FLL. There is an 11:15 flight home. We have precheck, is it worth the risk? A couple weeks ago I feel like we took our time, got picked up at the port at 9:30 and sitting at the gate at 10;30ish
  15. Just booked a 2 night Halloween cruise on the Freedom....seems a bit silly to fly from Iowa for 2 nights but hubby hasn't cruised since before the shut down because he has very little vacation time, so my 60 days just turned into 30.....woohoo
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