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  1. Soo I have not been able to update my cover photo or my profile picture. any help is greatly appreciated thanks guys!
  2. On this same topic, do you still get your Crown and Anchor points for a free casino sailing?
  3. We are sailing in March 2022 for my older brothers birthday and was thinking about getting him the floating Cabana. We have already done the waterpark so this stay at cococay would be more of a chill on the beach/cabana and a relaxing day! What is everyone's experience with the cabana and why did you like it or why did you not! Thank you all!!
  4. Id have to agree with @JLMoran the lactose milk does taste like 2% Milk and the almond milk tasted well with coffee and cereal. It did the job when milk was absolutely needed!
  5. Absolutely my favorite lunch is going to Chops to get the Filet Mignon and having a drink. I tend to go as early as possible so we can have some exploring time on the ship!
  6. Like the others said yes you do have to pay for Starbucks, BUT the coffee in Cafe 270 can be made just as well and even better because its included with your package!
  7. The first time i got off and got a tour from Simply Dave and he was awesome! We took a tour of the island and got to see a few tourist areas like Atlantis and Queens Staircase and some other fun areas. He also took us to a little market and a tea shop (mainly to get us to spend money with friends and family of his). Near the end of the tour we asked him if he could take us to a true local restaurant or food market. He said absolutely and took the 5 of us about 25 min from port with zero tourists around to a friends restaurant that he called to open it up early. This may sound like not the safe
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