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  1. About the same thing happened to us last month, October. The day before we were set to leave on flight next morning, we took our Covid tests online, at home. We are both vaccinated and had no symptoms. My husband came up positive. We were in shock. Had to cancel the flight less that 12 hours before, plus the cruise, hotels, etc. You never know I guess. Out next cruise is beginning for December for 2 weeks on Oasis. We are not getting together with anyone for Thanksgiving. And very little contact with people 2 weeks prior. I have had about 10 cancelled cruises, and not going to chance this next one.
  2. We always go on a cruise the first 2 weeks of December, and decorations are always up for Christmas. So, I assume right after Thanksgiving is when they redecorate.
  3. I always get travel insurance for any trips, not just cruises. The rates will vary some with different companies. But ours seem to run between $100 and $200 per person. The length of your trip, how much coverage you want, and your age all play a part of what your insurance rate will be.
  4. You can get your arrival time, and then do the rest of check-in at a later date
  5. I worked in real estate for many years. You spend hours and hours working with buyers or sellers, and have upfront expenses that can cost in the hundreds. All to end, maybe months later, with not any money earn when a sale falls thru or they take a house off the market. No commissions, nor any monies paid back for advertising, gas in your car, or anything. It is just the nature of many occupations.
  6. I can check-in when it is midnight on east coast. I just checked into a cruise at 10:30 tonight, mountain time. It is 27th, and my check-in date was 28th. I always am able to get 11:30 check-in the first available.
  7. I live in Montana and getting a covid test to use for cruising anywhere is difficult. I ordered the online Abbott Binax tests and do them with medical person online. You can do them anywhere. Home, hotel, etc. Usually the ones Royal Caribbean offers (Binax ones) are shipped expedited, 2-3 days. But haven't ordered recently. If that is the case you could get them before your cruise. I plan to order more in about a week. This is about my only option where I live. Some major airports also do the covid testing needed. You need to make appt.
  8. I am sure you can go in for just drinks, but pretty sure you will have to pay the cover charge.
  9. No cover charges. We enjoyed it. Nice change and reasonable prices. We went couple times late at night and got a lot of food for $7.99. It was a special combo plate including dessert for that price.
  10. Will this affect the TA on Oct. 31st on Harmony? Anyone have information
  11. It is possible Royal Up will not be offered for your sailing. Not all sailings offer the option.
  12. I have celiac and have never had an issue on eating on cruises. Every place has items you can eat or they will make them special.
  13. You can also bring the powdered drink vitamin packages and add to water. I have done that.
  14. I changed my check-in time to earlier slot and then it was not available for my husband. But about 3 days later his was automatically changed to the same time I had. Thinking they may have some system to correct these things.
  15. UDP disappeared for Oasis in December. Was available until about 3 weeks ago. I assume it is sold out
  16. So, if the DCD extends past the end of this month, would that affect the TA sailing of Harmony Oct. 31st? Any thoughts
  17. I am sure there is a limited number of people who can go to Coco Beach Club. And assume it could sell out easily with just one cruise ship. I haven't been yet, but have it booked for December cruise. Anxious to try the esperience.
  18. I myself have actually brought mattress onto a suite larger deck and slept outside. It was great! Brought mattresses back in and made bed, so the cabin steward did not have to deal with it. Be sure to do it on a night when next day is a sea day! You may otherwise wake up with a ship next to you! It was wonderful waking up to an absolutely beautiful sunrise. I would do it again.
  19. I take extra at home online covid tests with me. You can do them in a hotel or anywhere and take about 15 minutes. Results immediately sent to you on your phone. Just a peace-of-mind back up.
  20. I ordered multiple tests and used them for both my husband and I without a problem.
  21. Well that makes your Europe flight much easier. You can get a direct or just 1 stop. I almost always use Delta airlines because of sky club and loyalty points, etc. You will have great trip! Venice is about 2 hours from Ravenna. I understand transfers back and forth are common.
  22. You always will get your taxes and fees refunded. And then you need to pay them when rebooking another cruise. The main person on the reservation always has more FCC credit. They are the one who usually pays full price, the second person is where your discount applies. And, Yes we were able to combine our FCC's to use on cruises, didn't matter what name they were under. Any balance was credited back in few days or few weeks. Never heard of having to wait until you take the cruise to get them back? I have 10 cruises booked and would never be able to keep track if that was the case, or the FCC's would expire. And I may be reading your original post incorrectly?
  23. I have a cruise out of Ravenna next year. We are flying out of Venice. Not sure where you are flying from\to. We fly back to US and I usually try and do all my stops in the US. The first US port you go to you will go thru customs. You may go thru customs in other countries also, but you are changing planes. I live in Montana and cannot fly anywhere without plane changes. Not fun, but I want to travel and just deal with it. I book my own flights, most of the time and try to use points, credits, or companion tickets often. I book routes by events and weather. And book layovers by airport so I can use the Sky Clubs.
  24. Can't answer either. I do not cruise holidays. Too many people and kids, and more expensive. Would rather do 2 cruises for price of 1 holiday cruise.
  25. I have cruised a lot. The MDR has gotten a little boring to me. It is ok once in a while. But prefer specialty dining. If I eat a steak I only want filet mignon/tenderloin or rather have something else all together. I really like 150 for the scallops and halibut, which I can't get anywhere else. Jamies is fabulous IMO. And can't beat a steak at Chops. I like the variety of atmosphere with the different restaurants. I also do eat in the MDR on nights they have something I really want to eat on the menu. All of the food is good at all restaurants on cruises. And everyone has different tastes. Just enjoy!
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