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  1. Hi guys, hope you are doing great this week! I didn’t get any directions regarding this matter from my local travel agent, but was wondering if this vaccine was required for my cruise itinerary. Will be on Oasis stopping at St Maarten, Puerto Rico and Labadee. Anyone knows it those ports or RCL requiere this? I’m traveling from Argentina, which should be a non risk yellow fever country I guess.
  2. I’m flying from Buenos Aires... I guess that if I drive from down here to up there I’ll probably arrive in this conditions: 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
  3. Excellent news! I was already thinking how many new games i should download to kill 5 hours of PCWD (Pre-cruise-waiting-depression) 🙃
  4. So i got my embarkation time set to 2:00pm... the thing is that my plane arrives Miami at 7:00 AM and the only place i can got to is the port... ETA 9:00 am... is there any chance I can get onboard before my assigned time?? It seems way to much to be at the port for 5 hours just waiting and waiving at the lucky ones who got earlier time than me.
  5. Anybody been on the Surf and Turf excursion?
  6. Hi guys... anyone booked/ been on this excursion before? Thinking about it for my upcoming sail, but not very clear on the details - food included, what type of “power boat” or if we’ll be driving the Jeep back to the ship? Thanks!
  7. Thank you very much to everyone for your super fast responses. I tried with a new booking and the price for the cabin I actually have increased by almost 100%. I guess i got a good deal when i made reservation back in November. Balcony rooms are sold out and Suite rooms are out of budget really. I’ll take my chances with RoyalUp if available shortly. Really excited by my first cruise ever!!
  8. Hi guys... a couple days ago I called my travel agency as I received several emails from RCCL with great (new) offers for balcony rooms in my sailing on Oasis March29. I asked the travel agent if I could upgrade with that new rate - as i made my resevations several months ago- but he told me i could ‘t do so as it was a different “promo code” than the one i used for my reservations... is there any other way to do so? Because i’m really looking forward for an upgrade and my local travel agent won’t give me any solution or cheap fare to do so
  9. Hi guys. I’m sailing on Oasis of the seas March 29 from Miami. Just wondering if anyone from Argentina or South America sailing those dates aswell. Thanks!
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