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  1. On 5/20/2020 at 8:03 AM, Matt said:

    I don't think they aren't being loyal at all. I think they are being realistic given the company is hemorrhaging money on a daily basis.

    The freebies you got were given away in a vastly different economic situation, and I believe once cruising begins again, the casino will be more than open to welcoming you back with new offers. But I think expecting them to continue to mortgage their future to offer free cruises on sailings that may or may not happen right now is a reach. 

    I’m in no way looking for a freebie. I’m only asking that they allow me to use the base gates that I paid for for myself or other family members who are still willing to cruise, instead of “sticking to their rules” when those two fares were for two women over 70 who have been advised by their doctors that they will not clear them to ever cruise again.  No freebies here for anyone except RCCL

  2. 2 minutes ago, Andrew72681 said:

    Ok, I’m going to have to ask for some sort of responsibility here from you, rather than just leaving that comment here. 
    Let’s say I bought a new volvo last year, I signed all the paperwork, maybe reading some of it and ignoring other parts. If I decide I don’t want it anymore I should just be able to give it back and not have to eat the depreciation penalty? No one is forced (in the US as deposit rules differ elsewhere) to take a non-refundable deposit but many choose to do it. Ignorance of the policy doesn’t mean it doesn’t apply. 

    I purchased a cruise on the anthem for 7 family members, two who are over 75 mom and aunt. When this whole issue came up doctor advised they could not travel, requested FCC and spoke to rep Brittany who confirmed I COULD HAVE THE CREDITS TRANSFERRED TO MY FUTURE BOOKINGS BECAUSE I PAIF FOR EVERYTHING.  But that wasn’t true. Is that enough responsibility for you?

  3. 3 hours ago, Ampurp85 said:

    So I look for this and could not quite find it...

    I have a family cruise scheduled for Oct 2020, a Western Caribbean on Liberty. I was hoping to Lift and Shift it for a Nov 2021 on Allure. I booked this one on my own and missed the cutoff date to transfer it to my current MEI TA. My 80 yo grandmother is refusing to attend, she won't even fly. If it is not a 9hr or less ride by bus, car or train, she is not leaving Chicago. Everyone I know is afraid to travel or cruise, so I don't want to transfer the booking and be stuck with 2 rooms. I want to cancel the booking and receive FCC, however I don't want the FCC to be in my grandmother's name since she will never cruise....again according to her words. I know there is a way to change the name of a cruise pax as long as the main one stays the same. But is there a way to remove a name before getting the FCC entered? My mother is the main pax in the other room and we have another cruise scheduled so I don't mind her getting double FCC.

    Sorry for you as RCCL is too money hungry to be flexible on this, when they require nothing but flexibility from us!

  4. I just called and cancelled my Aug. 22, 2020 cruise.  I hope for everyone that cruising will resume 08/01/2020 but I am not willing to risk it with my family at this time.  Still too many issues up in the air.  Will schools require self-quarantine, will my employer, are ports going to be opened?    Hopefully I will be on the Anthem 01/04/2021.    Bon voyage!


    Grandeur of the Seas  January 3, 2019

    Carnival Sensation August 2019 (NEVER AGAIN)

    Anthem of the Seas    March 15, 2020  (Boo Corona Virus!)

    Independence of the Seas Aug. 22, 2020 (another Boo!)

    Anthem of the Seas January 04, 2021  (Praying!)

  5. 36 minutes ago, TheJones said:

    I thought they were allowing FCC’s to be re-allocated among family members on the same cruise, traveling together. So for example, if there are two parents and a child in a stateroom and the parent’s have ‘extra’ credit, it may be allocated towards the child’s fare.

    trust me no!!!!    I am out 1088.00 because I paid for two elderly family members to take their "final family trip"  (late 70's and 80's).  Now doctors say they will not allow them to travel and I have fcc's in their names!    No one included Richard Fain of Mr. Bayley's office has been willing to budge on this. 

  6. On 4/28/2020 at 11:11 AM, Bigken said:

    Need some information.   My cruise in not until end of August. Hopefully   My final payment is do end of may already paid in full or is a none refundable deposit with insurance  I called royal just to ask if I cancel before due date will I get full refund. I was told no I  would lose my 500$ deposit and get   A fcc for balance I have no plans of  canceling but this does not seem right ???!

    I am in the same boat,  paid in full for Independence of the Seas 08/22/2020.  I was told that only the $100.00 per person deposit would be issued as an FCC and the balance would be refunded to the card used.   Best of luck to you, as I know this process has all been horrible with so much misinformation. 

  7. Hello all,

    Has anyone received C&A points for one of their canceled cruises this year?   One of the members of my group did receive points for our 03/15/20 Anthem of the Seas cruise and I am trying to find out if I should call RCCL and add this to my list of issues?  Since I am still waiting on thousands of dollars in refunds.   Thanks in advance and hopefully will see you on the High Seas - 08/22/2020 Independence of the Seas!

  8. Just an FYI but I finally received FCC’s for one of our canceled cruises and once I did the math I realized they were both $10.00 short. Now $20 bucks no big deal, but times that by a fleet full of passengers and well!  When  I called to get them corrected the representative actually tried to give me pushback and excuses about why the base fare was different than what I was claiming. I actually had to speak to a supervisor to get it resolved.  Best wishes!  See you on the Seas!

  9. 1 hour ago, basil said:

    My problem exactly.  We paid the fare for my brother and his family.  I would want the money for that. Not that I dont love him, but the money is mine. So, I am watching everyday to see what happens. It's a double edge sword, my group so wants to go, he cant medically.......soooooo unhappy if its canceled,  screwed if it's not. I will make lemonade out of lemons for which overwatch it goes.

    I hope it works out for you and yours. I’m currently driving from Missouri home to Maryland as I had to bring my daughter back from college since schools have ended early. But I intend to sit down this week and draft a letter of appeal to Richard Fain, CEO as soon as I can.

  10. 8 hours ago, basil said:

    We have ours in April. I would love to go, but medically some in our group shouldn't.  I just want some direction sooner than later. There is so much more involved logistically then just the cruise. I have hotels, flights, and taxi cars for 15 of us.

    Royal isn’t giving any direction because they want you to cancel! If you cancel then you only get the credit option unless you chose refundable fare. If they cancel then they have to offer cash refund or an incentive for you to take the future credit l. If you believe there are folks in your group who will no longer be able to cruise then you should hold out until Royal cancels because the future credits will ONLY be issued in the name of the passenger it was assigned to.  I’ve just lost over 1,000.00 because my elderly mom and aunt will no longer be able to cruise so we used the 48 hour cancel option and now Royal will not allow me THE PERSON WHO PAID THE FARES, to apply the credits to my own future plans. Best of luck to you 

  11. 58 minutes ago, timm804 said:

    I talked to our TA this evening and had to have him repeat very slowly that FCC would now go to the individual not the (me) person who paid the bill.  $800 PP or $4000 PP... I can’t believe they won’t credit the name paying the freight?    

    I’m still in shock and I’m going to lose my money because my 80 year old aunt is never going to cruise again.  This is making rethink Norwegian 

  12. 2 hours ago, Zambia-Zaire said:

    Ridiculous Royal does not offer the FCC to the card holder...don't see how that's legal. However, if you are referring to the 3/15/20 Anthem cruise, you should be eligible for 100% refund, on your mom & aunt cabin.

    Yes, but unfortunately I had a total of four cabins and two we cancelled under the Cruise with Confidence which only allowed the FCC, not a full refund.  

  13. 17 minutes ago, Lovetocruise2002 said:

    @shaydav19, I hate to be negative, but you might be fighting a losing battle.  Over the past week, I have had my own fight with Royal over FCC, even to the point of escalating to corporate level.  Royal is not budging this time.  They are giving out the same "canned/generic" responses to all.  I know this because many people have sent messages my way of the same generic response. 

    You could try to email corporate, like many of us already have, but what I am saying is, not to be surprised if you end up with the same response.  But by all means, do so, because the more they hear, the better.  Here are the emails that I sent a letter to:

    [email protected]rccl.com

    [email protected]rccl.com

    [email protected]rccl.com

    Thanks so much.  I have already emailed Guest Relations and I am waiting to hear.  I will send the same to the others.  I just cannot believe that they would just keep over 1K in funds during this time without being flexible.  I already have money invested in the August Cruise but if this doesn't get resolved I think I'll be looking into Norwegian, which makes me sad!

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