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  1. I am going to Cococay on every cruise I have planned until Nov 22'. I plan to get off on every other cruise because I think I will burn out if I did it back to back.
  2. @AshleyDilloIs right, the more people the less it actually becomes. I priced a 2br aqua for Jan 23' and it was $8600 for 4 people, which is amazing. The problem for me is I don't have 4 people to split it with. Anyone who goes with me doesn't want to spend more than $1400 on a cruise and that includes all their extras like internet, drinking and dining.
  3. I don't understand, they make beautiful shorts that are fancy now. What if you have hot legs, in both senses, and need to wear shorts? I don't care what other wear, as long as they have on clothes. I also think it a vacation so to each their own. My brother has work shorts that he pairs with button-downs when he goes to job sites, he is a mechanical engineer, and he is bringing them on the cruise.
  4. Since I mostly cruise solo, I feel like the one I have coming up on Oct 31st will be a very memorable one for me. Don't get me wrong, it was a great time when I cruise alone but something about sharing this one with friends and family has me extra giddy. Three are complete newbies to cruising and my brother has only done river-style cruising. So I get to introduce them to all of RCG wonderful offerings on an oasis class ship, in a suite, while capacity will be reduced.
  5. @PG Cruiser That's good, as with everything RCG, experiences differ.
  6. I want the southern comfort food. I like most of the offerings but a good chicken biscuit and some peach cobbler would really make me happy.
  7. In the past I did the Windjammer for dinner on Mariner and regretted it. I am actually okay with it just being open for breakfast and lunch
  8. I'm excited because I have never been on this ship and its the middle of my different ship S2S2S.
  9. It would be the final date of second shot, boosters aren't yet recognized by the cruise lines.
  10. I think what @twangstersaid makes the most sense. I feel like regardless of loyalty perks, people in general will always get the UBP. Me, I am not a drinker, but I do partake more on vacation. The UBP would be way too much for me and I would struggle with making it worth it. The 4-5 vouchers from C&A will be fine with me. I do however always get the soda or refreshment package because I love flavored soda water and juices. RCG smoothies leave a lot to be desired IMHO but I like the option of having them. I do this even if I am staying in a suite, because who wants to constantly walk to deck 17 for a drink, when there is so much on the ship to see and do.
  11. OMG I love that towel animal with their cap and school pencil.
  12. I wanted to try Samba when I am on Allure in 2 weeks but mostly everyone says, it isn't worth it. They try to fill you up on the "garbage" meats and by the time the good ones come, you are full. Based on the menu, I wouldn't eat half of the meats, so I would have liked double of others. But I heard it is only one portion of each meat. We have a couple of Brazilian steakhouses in Chicago. It is the opposite here, they try to fill you up on meat but the sides are hard to come by.
  13. I don't understand people who want to test at ports. Its a waste of time and resources. Getting there with all your luggage and extras, with the possibility of being turned away. If these test become a thing, I am sure there will be levels. Just like there are now. You have home test that aren't proctored and they cost less. I can see $3 home test while they continue to charge $25+ to be proctored.
  14. I believe they do limit the amount of The Key's they sell. This was the case before Covid and I am sure it will be the case when it actually ramps back up. It is $22.99 on my sailing in Jan but based on my speculation of protocols, I am probably going to cancel it. It won't be worth it as a solo traveler, with reduced capacity.
  15. I got some pretty decent deals, they have been better than the current sales. But I guess it depends on what you are purchasing.
  16. @Matt If I was speculating/assuming, this is a non-Florida issue. Lots of my roll calls on FB have people upset at CVS cancellation and it was in places like Michigan, Minnesota, etc. I think maybe these CVS aren't allowing test for travel purposes.
  17. That is a question only you can complety answer. Everyone's values are different. Right now with reduced capacity and the protocols in place it is a no for me....maybe a soft yes for sailings after Feb.
  18. I recall them back-tracking the 11-11 because of all the complaints. I think the only ship that wasn't doing this was Symphony, but I also heard their concierge's left a lot to be desired.
  19. This sale is just like the others, I will be waiting for Black Friday and hoping the offerings are better.
  20. I saw all the emails on FB, at first I thought it was just one ship. But it is across all the fleet so CSO 2.0 is looking like a go. It seems like maybe they have sold the sailings to a CDC-specified capacity and now have to reconfigure everything to comply.
  21. Right, but if there is another quantum class ship, they might continue to add one. Cruise lines tend to repeat their successful offerings.
  22. If the ship has been cleaned and cleared that is a possibility.
  23. Zone Zero might just be a quantum class thing. Wonder is oasis class.
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