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  1. Coming soon... http://www.kroooz-cams.com/quantum/quantum1.php
  2. the live stream is cancelled due to high bandwith usage. Follow HD1080ide's facebook page for pictures... https://www.facebook.com/hd1080ide
  3. It was rescheduled to 10:00 EST today because of high winds yesterday. There's going to be a live feed of the conveyance http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j9x2B2hDs2Q
  4. The conveyance of Quantum is scheduled for this Sunday. The ship's AIS is up and running http://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/oldmmsi:311000267/olddate:2014-09-19%2014:04:00/zoom:9 (I copied this from the Cruise Critic web site all times are local) Here is the time table for the Ems Conveyance of Quantum of the Seas This plan is subject to the corresponding wind and weather conditions and water levels. Time changes are possible. Sunday, September 21, 2014 of 14:00 clock passage of the sea lock (Papenburg) 17:15 clock passing the Frisians Bridge (Weener) 19:30 clock passing the Jann
  5. Anyone know what happend to the Explorer? It's in Bermuda and it looks like she's getting a new propeller.
  6. My Guess is they're moving Liberty to NY for the summer because it was determined last year that the Quantum class ships are too big for Bermuda. They'd lose a lot of money if they couldn't sail to Bermuda. There was talk of dredging the channel into Bermuda and the dock area, but it hasn't started and I'm asuuming it will take a pretty long time.
  7. Anthem of the Seas had her keel laying ceremony today.
  8. Maybe I missed it, but does anyone know if the Quantum Class will have a promenade like the Freedom and Voyager Class? I was looking at the webcam last week and it didn't look like the center of the ship was open.
  9. When not docked in port... STAY ON THE SHIP!!! :D
  10. Voyager Class, but then again the Explorer is the only ship I've been on. I don't think I would like the smaller ships, being prone to motion sickness and I wouldn't like the Oasis class due to the amount of people. I do want to go on the Quantam when it comes to Bayone though.
  11. So, my question is... is it the ship closer to the camera or farther away?
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