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  1. One nice thing about PDCC, there are trams that will take you everywhere on the island. That way you can look around and find where you want to go but don't have to walk everywhere.
  2. I enjoy craps too, but only when the table is full of my friends. I agree with you about the aggressive craps players. Fingers crossed that we can all play together. That would be awesome.
  3. I am still holding out hope. We got SUCH great deals on both this cruise and the Thanksgiving cruise, following. I would hate to lose them. …but we will not be cruising until they lift the vax requirements and allow us into the casino. In other news, I totally suck at 3 card poker. I have tried and tried to play that game but I just can’t win at it ! I have a friend who loves that game and seems to consistently win. Ugh. I am an Ultimate Texas Hold’Em player. I really miss it. Hopefully soon…. Thanks for the encouragement. It really means a lot to me.
  4. Your suites concierge will reach out around 5 days prior to sailing.
  5. I love the goldies !! Such sweet souls. Have a GREAT cruise. You will love the Oasis....especially since the amp !
  6. So glad to hear that Reyno is coming back. This is the first time I have read his name since the re-start. We've had him as our Genie twice - both on Harmony. His strength is definitely in party-planning so hopefully you will get an opportunity to plan a nice party during your cruise. Congratulations ! You will have a ball, I'm sure.
  7. I totally agree with your husband about the olive tapenade. I love, love, love it. I usually dip those bread sticks in it and gobble it up.
  8. We were one-and-done with the bumper cars, too. Once was definitely enough
  9. Welcome back ! I was thinking about you very recently. So glad all is well.
  10. I have also been reading about show cancellations. If the information is to be believed, many cast members, performers and casino personnel are currently in quarantine....which doesn't mean that they are actually sick or have tested positive, but that they may have been exposed. UGH
  11. I have not received any notification directly and we have 3 cruises on Oasis coming up in Jan 2022. I have to trust that the info we're getting here is accurate.
  12. Can you purchase some of the online proctored tests and have them available to your traveling friends/family ? How would anyone know (or care) whether they are US residents or not ?
  13. Mine always go to my trash folder. Not sure why but most everything that comes directly from Royal always goes to my trash.
  14. The tip issue is a very personal decision and highly controversial. We usually tip a Genie $500-700 for a 7 night Star Class cruise, depending upon how much "extra" work we ask of him/her. Some pay more, some pay less. There is no mandatory tip. Everyone in the SC Suite gets all of the SC amenities. Nobody pays extra for anything that is routinely included.
  15. I believe that, in the past, they have simply repeated the 7 night menu on longer cruises. Who knows these days.
  16. Sorry to be confusing ! It's all about me (no wisecracks !). I have NO doubt that the cruise will go forward...but most likely, without us. We are unvaxxed and intend to remain that way so it is unlikely that we will be allowed to cruise in the near future (maybe ever). Really sorry to hear of your mother's passing. That is always a tough recovery....and with the added stress of the plandemic I know you are ready for a good vacation !! We are too and we miss cruising but it's getting easier and easier to deal with that disappointment. Always look for the up side !! I am saving LOTS of money. I DO hope to meet you in November. I'm not giving up yet !
  17. I don't blame them. That is completely unacceptable.
  18. I do not feel that it is the job of the TA to identify price drops. Most of them have waaaytooo many bookings to do that on a regular basis. Most of the Agents will do a price review when a new "sale" comes along but on a day-to-day basis ? No way. Has @michellecome up with price reductions for bookings for me ? Yes...but I don't expect her to be doing price recons on any kind of regular basis the way I do. More often than not, I will identify what I BELIEVE is a price reduction and then it turns out that it's not b/c different discounts or price incentives are in place from the original booking. That's just me. Everyone has differing expectations.
  19. WOW ! That's very exciting. Congratulations. I have only done this once and, like you, I only had the minimum bet on the bonus...ugh. But it was still pretty sweet. It took a while for play to resume at the table b/c they had to go to the "bank" to pay me out. Things like that always seem to happen when you least expect it.
  20. If they have it on board, they will get it for you !
  21. You can use it for the same restaurant or different restaurants as long as they can accommodate you.
  22. If at all possible, they will get you what you want. A couple of years ago, we were on B2B SC on Anthem (our Genie was Yen Lee....awesome Genie). Dan loves Modelo Negro so we told Yen that we would love to have a couple of Modelo Negros in our beverage selection. She wrote back that she was very sorry but that the Anthem no longer carried Modelo Negro. It was not a huge deal and we thanked her and made a couple of other selections, which were perfectly honored. We totally forgot ALL about even asking for Modelo Negro....it just wasn't that important to us. One afternoon, Yen came knocking at the door with a big shoulder bag which you could tell was very heavy. When she got inside she started pulling out bottles of Modelo Negro (I think there were about a dozen !!) to our astonishment. She said she "found" them...we did not ask any questions but Dan was so happy. This is the kind of thing that makes a Genie worth the price of Star Class. She had remembered the request and gone out of her way to make that wish come true. It was only ONE of the highlights of that incredible 16 days. Oh, and I forgot to mention...not only did she bring the bottles of beer, but an entire saucer full of freshly cut limes. Ask for what you want but don't be disappointed if it's not possible....but then don't be surprised if your wish is granted anyway !!
  23. That's awesome !! There are times (usually when bookings are down) when the casino will extend the complimentary offers to all Club Royale members. I hope you get to take advantage of a great offer !!
  24. Gotta love a good sea nymph story ! Absolutely incredible long exposure night shots !! Beautiful.
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