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  1. Probably. I know that there are some drink prices in the new polynesian-themed bar (can't recall the name of it at the moment) that will exceed the drink price threshold. I'm sure there are in the MDR as well....and certainly there are wines that will exceed the price. In that case, you just pay the overage plus 18% grat.
  2. So our worst fears were confirmed today. No casino. That's the bad news. The good news is, we will be getting a 100% cash refund for this cruise. @michelle, God bless her, is vetting the FCC refunds now. Since there is $10K worth of FCCs for this one, it will be a joy to finally get that money back. I'm really sad to have to cancel this one. Was so looking forward to it....but with the itin changes and the other restrictions - PLUS getting all of my money back, it is the right thing for us.
  3. In Louisiana you have to get it from the hospital...or at least you used to.
  4. I think the rule is that at least 1 of the original [adult] bookees (new word) has to remain on the booking. So as long as one of the original adults remain on the booking you can move anyone else you want.
  5. No !!! There is no charge for it at the Park Cafe and as far as I know, that's the only place to get one....enjoy.
  6. 2 steps back but they will be moving forward again soon ! It's going to be soooo beautiful.
  7. Sorry to hear this ! France, Denmark, Norway and Holland. That sounds like it would have been soooo nice. Spain and Portugal will be nice too. I love your attitude.
  8. Yes. Some of the big online agencies do not participate in RoyalUp. I have no idea whether cruise.com is one of them or not. CostCo for sure does not participate. There are others as well.
  9. Thanks @twangster They sure are dragging this out !! I need to know what the SHIP protocols are going to be !!! I guess they will withhold that as long as they can.
  10. How refreshing. Thank you. I made a mistake, too, once. LOL
  11. Another thing to consider...right now Royal is really making good use of RoyalUp. It seems that many have been successful in upgrading their rooms since capacity is so [intentionally] low right now. Many of the big box agencies do NOT participate in RoyalUp. So if you are interested in a chance to upgrade your accommodations at a very reasonable price via RoyalUp, I would recommend that you investigate the Agency to see if they participate. Many do NOT.
  12. There is no amount of kick-back/rebate/OBC - whatever you want to call it that would make me give up the incredible, dedicated and thoughtful service that I get from @michelleat MEI. What a tough 16 months for travel agents ! Only people who truly love their jobs and their clients would still be around making calls every single day for those of us looking to salvage an otherwise disappointing past year. I know some people go with the big names for a few pennies of OBC but not me. I wouldn't give up my wonderful MEI agent for ANYthing. @ZsOverseasI truly do hope you find what you're looking for but not sure that big OBC is going to happen right now.
  13. When you book a water park cabana, the price includes water park entry for 6 (I think) people.
  14. I haven't cruised yet but from indications of those that have, I would expect neither the early boarding nor the reserved seating amenities that usually go along with The Key.
  15. The CC reward points would definitely NOT be included in any refund or FCC from Royal. That credit should go back to your CC. I imagine that you will have to deal directly with the BofA to resolve this.
  16. Welcome, Alisa ! This is the first I've heard of a wait list for any of the start-up cruises, so this is great information. Thank you !
  17. I suppose that means that you WILL pull the mask off the ol' Lone Ranger....?
  18. I got a similar one for our Sept Mariner cruise. Departure only delayed by 1 hour though
  19. I purchased the DBP for $50 several months ago but I don't think it will be going back down to $50 again. I suspect that $58 is as good as it's going to get.
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