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  1. That's awesome !! There are times (usually when bookings are down) when the casino will extend the complimentary offers to all Club Royale members. I hope you get to take advantage of a great offer !!
  2. Gotta love a good sea nymph story ! Absolutely incredible long exposure night shots !! Beautiful.
  3. We used to tip the Suites Concierge routinely, but we don't really do that anymore unless we use them for something. Since we almost always had the Unlimited Dining Package (BC), we generally asked the Concierge to make our specialty dining reservations prior to boarding so we would make sure we tipped him/her. Who knows what will happen going forward since many of the ships are not allowing the Concierges to book dining reservations pre-boarding.
  4. Yes, you can enjoy room service from any restaurant (including specialty restaurants) as long as the restaurant you want is open at the time that you want the service. I would recommend against asking for a big room service delivery (from any restaurant) on embarkation day. Is it possible ? Usually. Is it convenient ? Not for the staff. It's a lot of work and coordination for both the Genie and the room service staff on embarkation day, when things are very hectic and busy already. Instead, I would recommend that you either visit the Coastal Kitchen or go to one of the restaurants that will be open (usually Chops but if not, one of the "other" specialty restaurants is usually open). You are able to eat at absolutely ANY food service establishment when you are Star Class.
  5. Anthem is a great ship. I have always enjoyed our cruises out of Bayonne. Keep in mind that there is NOTHING around the port but it's an easy port to get to and to embark from. The suites waiting area could use some work but that's low down on the priority list... As you are well aware, March is one of those dicey months where it could be early spring or you could have a brutal nor'easter...it's just a crap shoot. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best.
  6. Is that one of the ones that make you look like a woodpecker ? Lol
  7. I have not been on those particular excursions but I will say that I totally agree with your approach. Whenever we visit a new port of call, I try and do a “Discover” type of excursion so that I get an overview of the area and then when I return, I will have some idea of what specific activities or locations I want to visit.
  8. Good to hear from you, @CruisingOz. How are things Down Under ? Sounds pretty grim with the lockdowns, etc.
  9. There’s another stranger coming home again ! Glad to see you back.
  10. Unless I’m mistaken, the Oasis class ships do NOT have the made-to-order egg chef. I guess it depends on which ship.
  11. Of course your sister can still eat with you ! She can either pay for her meals or purchase the Unlimited Dining Plan. She just won’t get a genie services or a beautiful suite. You get what you pay for !
  12. This is likely the answer. Just b/c they allow you to bid for a RoyalUp does not mean that there is actually a cabin in that category available. They allow you to bid b/c there’s a possibility that someone in that sold out category may either cancel or win a RoyalUp and move out of their cabin, leaving a vacancy for someone else to move up and so on, down the line.
  13. BC, luggage tags (and cruise docs) became available at 49 days (7 weeks) prior to sailing but since the restart the time frame for luggage tags and cruise docs has varied wildly. They are being distributed much closer to sailing these days.
  14. ahhhhh....took me a while to get this one. ..."spilled the beans"...
  15. I had trouble a couple of days ago. I was forced to change my password but everything has been working on since then.
  16. So glad to hear that they are doing this ! I know it's a disappointment to be downgraded in size and location but having them honor the SC benefits, including the Genie, will make it palatable.
  17. So….if the OTW cabana holds 8 and you add 2 for $50 each, using OLD math that cyphers out to 10. Who’s getting left on the beach ?
  18. Sorry, I really don't know the answer to that question as I never even looked at the price for CCBC passes for either of those 2 cruises. The only CCBC passes that I have purchased were for a Mariner cruise (9-20-21); they were $53.99 PP, but that cruise was subsequently cancelled.
  19. I got the SY Christmas (12-23-21) and NY sailings (12-31-21) for $199 but that was many weeks back. I haven't seen it go that low for a long time. $224 seems to be the new "sale" price.
  20. Perhaps they will allow you to shift your cruise to a different Wonder date. I know that isn’t one of the listed options but with the huge SC category disparity, maybe they will consider that option.
  21. 7 year old ?! Where has the time gone ?! I remember when she was a newborn. Holy cow !! She'll be graduating from college before you know it ! You'll be Star Class, right ? So no need to worry about something to do. The Genie can help you set up a clinic somewhere on the ship and you can see a few patients. Might as well work if hubby is going to work, right ? LOL It's good to see you on the boards. You've been gone waaaytooo long.
  22. Cruise docs used to come at 7 weeks out (day 49) but now there doesn't seem to really be any reliable timeline.
  23. There are now provisions for medical contradictions ! You will just need to contact special need ([email protected]). Here is the response I got back from them regarding this issue: Hello, Thank you for contacting the Access Department. Vaccine accommodation requests are only being considered for active reservations. Please send us your reservation number and a doctor's letter on the office letterhead with the following information: • Name and DOB of the guests who are requesting an accommodation • Medical reason that the guests are unable to be vaccinated • Confirmation that they are medically fit to travel Best Regards, Patrick Burden Access Advocate Good luck. The tricky part, of course, is getting your doctor to sign the letter but it shouldn't be an issue with your medical history. Keep in mind that even if they allow you onboard, you will most likely STILL be excluded from some activities and venues.
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