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  1. I am not upset, just don't comprend the concept behind it. If I follow the logic being presented here, then every single person who does anything for me deserves a tip. Even though they are only doing their job, and if they dont do their job they won't get paid or they get fired. But then we tip on top of that. And when it comes to luggage, I do more of the lifitng then they do..I take it from the cab right to the cart and then i take it from the hallway to my cabin. And when I mentioned flying, I wasnt talking about the guy at the curb carrying your bags, I meant the attendant who takes your luggage at the ticket counter. Cause based on the reasoning being used here to justify the level of tipping, "you would tip her $10 as well, cause you want to make sure your luggage makes it to the plane"......I just dont know where you draw the line or cut it off. If that was the case, we should be down in the engine room of the boat, cause without those guys, the boat really would go nowhere..... I guess I work in the wrong industry.......lol I tip for GOOD service, where they may go above and beyond.....i dont tip them for the job they are already paid to do as a rule...
  2. That wasnt my point at all. This is not a cultural issue so don't even try to imply that. We give to homeless shelters, we drop clothes off at goodwill stores, we tip servers etc here in Canada as well.. My point was that the porter at the dock, lift's my suitcase from the ground to the cart....thats it. And the suggestion was made here that is worth $10! If thats the case, then every single person who does anything for you at anytime derserves a tip! And I was not implying that porters are wealthy or that wealth plays a roll in tipping or not. I was simply statting that if everyone tipped the porters $10, they would be some of the best paying jobs in America or any country for that matter. To each their own....I just don't think lifting my suitcase is worth $10. And by suggesting and setting that precedent, you make them come to expect that. Do you tip the check in person at your flight counter $10 for lifting your bag to the belt??
  3. Thats right, the changed it about a yr ago or so. Much better option now. And they can track you pretty easily if you are "buying" drinks for others on your pass!
  4. I have never tipped a porter.... I drop my 1 bag off at the cart. It is then pulled by a tractor onto the boat. At some point, someone has to bring it down the hall close to my room, but I have no idea who that is or see them. I self check out with my bags. If everyone tipped the porters at the docks $10, that would be some of the best paying jobs in America! I don't get that concept.
  5. The only ship I know with RCI thats has those is the Brillance of the Seas...they average about 150% of a regular price.....which I can swallow if I have to...but it only goes out of Tampa Bay(from what I can see)....and flights from NB to Tampa run close to $1000 return so its not really an option even with the slightly reduced cruise cost.(mostly in part to the abusd air prices we pay in Canada) I think that with divorce, people waiitng later in life to get married, and if cruising wants to appeal to all ages and walks of life, they need to do something to accomdate single travellers. They are missing out on some potential there. Glad to hear that perhaps with the Quantum ships there maybe more options with RCI.
  6. Ok..that is normal. Not what the poster said that I was commenting on!
  7. Really?....so i do a booking, pay $100 deposit. The I see a couple of months later its alot cheaper. So i suck it up and lose the $100 deposit to book a cheaper cruise. They could come back and charge me the difference? That would be the last cruise I would book with them if they did.....wow. I have never experienced anything like that in my 15 years of travels with any type of travels or company...hotel, air, cruise, resort, etc
  8. It's a great offer if you are planning on cruising in late 2015 or 2106 especially as by 2016, chances are the price will have gone up by then. However, these prices aren't great from what I have seen, They must have raised the base prices to help make up for it. I have travlled in the past for cheaper than any deals i can find right now......or even for early 2015. Guess the only plus is you can just put a deposit down now, and lots of time to pay it off.
  9. Usually with RCI, they collect your tips automatically now....no option to not tip. And when its usually been usually equal to 20% of the cost of my cruises(yes, I have found cheap cruises..lol) I certainly do not feel the need to tip on top of that
  10. I don't see a need for this...keep parents responsible for their kids when on a cruise...... While it can happen to anyone anwyhere, we don't need anymore costs added to cruise prices already....
  11. I know this has been dicussed many times, on every board, about every travel company out there, but I don't get why RCI is so bad when it comes to this. I know all the reasons, arguments and for the most part I understand, although don't like it. However, when they charge MORE for a single traveller, than for 2 people in a room, that is just not acceptable. Especially when it's last minute, and in all likelyhood are going to sail with empty cabins in 2 days, why not at least just charge double, or give a break to collect some kind of money. I know Carnival has alot of sailings with 0% single supplement, and other cruise lines vary. But why does RCI consistantly have to be the worst and the highest when it comes to this??! Frustates and disapoints me, as I have had nothing but great expereiences with them so far......but this kind of thing turns me off from a company, any company taking advantge of people.
  12. I will be very happy to know if this is the case. Please let me know if you find anything confirming it. I have not looked at a 3 day cruise based on this. Would open up the possibility of me booking a 3 day. I didnt understand why they dont offer it on a 3 day. If it makes them $ on a 4day and longer, why wouldnt it on a 3 day. Perhaps cause they are more considered "party" weekend cruises and people tend to drink more or a younger crowd? I could see not offering it on a 1 day cruise...but a 3 day and up should be a option!
  13. Pretty sure the package is ONLY on cruises 4 days or longer. Never a question if worth it in my case. It's very easy to go through a few drinks even before supper. Plus drinks on the island are included in the pass as well. At $5-9 drink plus tips, doesnt take long to add up. Plus it includes your soda's etc as well.
  14. Lots to do and see there without having to pay. I was there in Jan and Feb, both times the water was a little cool but still felt good. I never got mugged, and I explored all around. Even ended up there overnite as work was being done on the ship and ventured out till about 4am to the bars/clubs and had a blast.
  15. I never lock any of my luggage when I travel. Doesnt matter if a cruise, or plane or bus. I figure if they really want to get in they can no matter what. I don't even lock it when left in my room or cabin for my vacation either.....
  16. It's the flights for me. I could travel anytime of the year, am very flexible for the ports and itinerary but its the cost of flying from Canada to anywhere in the US. Flights can be close to $1000 return, so even with a great deal or option for an itinerary that I want to cruise, the flights make it very hard to make this happen.
  17. Yes, i make it a point to only travel with one suitcase no matter what. Makes for a much easier process whether at the airport or cruising. Much more relaxing and much easier overall. I see others struggling with a couple suitcases and a carry on or two and feel badly for them. Never seems like its an easy or enjoyable process for them...lol.
  18. Just got back from my 2nd cruise with Enchantment in a month and both times did the self carry off. SO much easier than packing and planning and putting out luggage the night before. Also so much more relaxing than having to rush to breakfast and then get back to your "station" at a certain time to wait in line to leave the boat. I woke up at 7am, took my time getting ready, went to breakfast, had a couple coffee's on the pool deck for one last time, then took my luggage down to deck 5 and was off the boat in a matter of minutes. It's a very smooth and easy/quick process.
  19. Were any of your subsequent cruises with RCI , or different cruise lines.(i think thats what your suggesting?!) My first cruise was amazing, the 2nd one was very good as well. Not as good as the first, but that had more to do with the people and not the boat itself. But I am going back for a 3rd one shortly and looking to book a 4th this fall. I too have thought about looking at a difference cruise line to compare, make sure I am not missing out on something else good, or to make sure I am not biased. But I find it hard to look at anything else after my good experiences with RCI. But so far, my 1st cruise was my best, yes.
  20. I didnt use the MDR at all for my cruise sorry. I reconized the cruise director(marc) obviously, as well as the gentleman in charge of the casino, as well as 2 of the bartenders that worked the bars on the pool deck. Don't know names.
  21. It seems to me they did all they could, from what I have read and heard. Cleaning the ship, giving out meds, trying to disinfect the boat. Avoiding a stop at the private island so they could get to a port to clean the ship. Not sure what else they could be expected to do. Of course the media will try to spin or show this which ever way makes a bigger story. And we have to keep in mind, that in all likelyhood this was not the "ship's" fault at all. Probably lack of hygene from someone on the boat. Makes me so mad. That being said, if someone is very careful, always washes their hands, uses sanitizer all the time etc, but touches something that someone who is sick has touched and not taken precaution's, then I am guessing there is no way to really avoid it right?! :angry:
  22. Do we know where Serenade will be going? I beleive that was the boat that actually had some "solo" cabins on it, and was going to be looking into that possibility for my next cruise.
  23. Yes, I had no complaints at all. Actually reconized a few of the guys from the Monarch of the Seas last year. Now just 14 days till I am back on this ship!
  24. Nothing to worry about. Had a great time on Enchantment last week, and headed back in 2 weeks for another trip. Boat was in great shape, lots to see and do. Staff were good, food was good. Doesn't get much better than that. And this time I am defn booking a NCC, cause I will be back, prob in the fall.
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