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  1. This is so great! Thanks to both of you, I really appreciate it. Grand suite here I come!..... although I may live to regret it since I don't know if I'll ever be able to go back to a JS. Thanks again!
  2. I (we) have a future cruise credit that was originally for four of us. My Mom is now medically not able to go anywhere and my oldest child is heading to college and won't be able to get time off before the credits expire. That leaves me and my youngest (she's 15). When I called RC I was told the credits could only be used by the person they were originally assigned to. Does anyone know of a workaround for this? I don't want to lose the extra money, especially since it's really through no fault of our own. It would also allow me to upgrade to a bigger suite, which is something I've always wanted to do! Thanks for any advice. I appreciate all of you! Kate
  3. Had the same question 2 years ago while we were going through the process for my son. He had to have his dead name on the sea pass because it matched all of his documentation at the time. It sucked for him but once on board we put a sticker (brought it with us because we expected this to happen) over the dead name and the crew was great about using his preferred name and pronouns. When we booked the latest cruise it was a simple matter of telling RC that everything had been legally changed and they were super easy to work with to have everything updated. To all the parents walking this path with their kiddos, good luck and warm hugs! Kate
  4. I have been pricing trips lately and before the pandemic mess, when I would put in the usual C&A number, state, etc the price would drop and I admit I would get a weird satisfaction out of seeing the price drop. Now when I put it all in I always get the "you have the best price" indicator. Not satisfying at all. Is everyone seeing this? Am I missing something, not ticking the right box, not hitting the right RC combo or is this just how it's going to be moving forward. I realize this is silly and because of RC math really means nothing in the long run but I miss it. Kate
  5. The wording is confusing to me so I'm asking for clarification. We just cancelled a April 2022 cruise (due to the whole fam-damily having Covid). Does this mean we have until December 31, 2022 to use our FCC or do we have until April 2023 to use it. It seems the only difference here is you don't have to book by a certain date anymore but you still have to sail by a certain date. Am I missing something with this? Not enough coffee in my veins yet? Thanks, Kate
  6. Fun times at our house, out of the 4 of us going on a cruise in April, 3 currently have covid. One being a 74 year old with COPD and her doctor is now advising she shouldn't go anywhere anytime soon. The other 2 are teens who will bounce back in no time and are already bored out of their minds. My question is if I were to cancel do we get a refund or the cruise credit? It's before the final payoff. I know the easy answer would be just me and the kids go but I don't want to leave Mom home by herself after such an illness that seems to be dragging on. Is there some magic combination of words to get a refund or am I looking at a FCC? I'd appreciate any help y'all could give me. Kate
  7. Hey Matt, you said if you cancel you can get a full refund? We have one in April, cut off for full payment isn't until March and we were told only option was to do FCC. Have they changed something recently? I actually don't want a refund, we want to bump it out a few months, but this was different than what I was told. Thanks, Kate
  8. PG Cruiser, yes. Sorry, I should've made my post a little more clear. We watched it on board during a cruise and haven't been able to find it since. Kate
  9. I've been trying to find the name of what I assume was a British comedy with 2 Dad's who had a grown son, everyone was crazy and the show was hilarious. I'm still looking. It's driving me crazy that I can't find it! Kate
  10. I probably should know this but I need to cancel a drink package and upgrade. I've gone to "Plan my Cruise" but don't see a simple way to do it. Maybe I haven't had enough coffee this morning (obviously I need the coffee package) and the FAQ's just says "go to cruise planner"....... not much help there. I'd appreciate any help, I'm on the struggle bus this morning and I'd rather be on the struggle boat!. Thanks Everyone, Kate
  11. This is the third time we've tried to cruise to Cozumel. Twice they changed the itinerary and one cruise was cancelled. I get it, we're in pandemic but I've been to the Bahamas and NO, I don't want to go again. Does anyone know why they changed the itinerary for the April 19th trip on Mariner? I guess we're just not meant to see Cozumel. Ugh! Kate
  12. My family booked an April 2022 cruise on Mariner of the Seas and we currently have 2 balcony rooms. We started out with 5 people, one person already backed out but we were able to cancel them with very little hassle and actually got a price drop. We intend to put 2 people in each room. My 74 yo Mom is already considering not going now, which would leave just me and my two teenage kids. Obviously we wouldn't be able to keep both rooms since you have to have an adult in each room so what happens if she decides to cancel? I might be able to put someone in her place but if we can't will we have options? Mom has already said she wouldn't want a future cruise credit because she doesn't know if she would ever use it. Could we drop one room and get a credit towards the remaining room? On board credit? I'm realistic that there wouldn't be a refund but we're hoping for something. Thanks for any info. Kate
  13. I just went ahead and called. I needed 2 connecting rooms, 2 people in one, 3 in the other. For some reason it wouldn't let me do it online so I called and the really nice young lady at RC made it work. Way easier and you skip the step of having to do it online. The wait on hold isn't to bad right now either. Kate
  14. I'm a little confused. My 2 teenagers and I will be sailing in April 2022 and of course the teens want internet, which I'm fine with. Here's where my confusion comes in. If I put it under just my name and chose 3 devices its $147. If I click all three of our names and click 1 device It's well over $200. Obviously it makes sense to just click one name and 3 devices but I'm worried it means only one device will work at a time. I've tried to get through to customer service but they're a little busy right now and the wait would've been way to long. Any insight into what the difference is? Thanks, Kate
  15. We're going to Cozumel (Woo Hoo!) in April and my 16 year old has mobility issues but would love to do one of the shore excursions. On good days he can walk a fair amount but sometimes uses a walker or wheelchair on bad days. Does anyone have advice on a good activity for him that would be fun for a teenager but won't wear him out for the rest of the cruise? He's pretty good in water since it's less impact on his hips and less likely to pop his other joints out. Thanks for any help! Kate
  16. With all the crazy information I figured I would come here and ask the experts. We (My 2 kids, 72 yo Mom and I) will be cruising on Independence in July. My Mom has health/breathing issues, only 1 lung, COPD, a few other issues and has already said she's not going. She is very definite in this. The kids and I are going no matter what (desperate for a vacation). We all planned to stay in the same room but now we will be 3 instead of 4. So my question is, do I see about getting a credit for her fare? Will my room cost go up if we do this? Should we just do her as a no-show and if we do this who do I tell and when? Right now we're booked into a balcony room but not a Jr Suite. I'm happy with the room and don't want to change unless it's an upgrade, of course. Since we're still so far out I'm sure a lot will change and it's really like being in an auction and wanting to hit the timing just right to maybe get perks or avoid pitfalls. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Happy Sailing! Kate
  17. I'll be cruising in July to Jamaica with a stop in CocoCay and was wondering if they offer snorkeling there? It's been a while since I've been and I would love for the kid to get a chance to do it. The cruise offers a snorkeling shore excursion in Jamaica but I would rather spend that day exploring. Thanks for the info in advance. Katie
  18. I was on the 10th floor on the Brilliance of the Sea and I can confirm the rolling cart noise under the dining areas. Do not book under them. They rolled until 2:00 AM and were back at it by 5:00 AM. It was awful!
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