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  1. THE only "Karen" I wanna party with.....no offense if anyones name is actually Karen, im sure youre super cool.
  2. Good point!! I imagine theyre happy to switch you to another cruise.........which could be, likely will be, more money
  3. https://wdwnt.com/2020/06/disney-cruise-line-announces-temporary-new-cruise-date-flexibility-program/ This seems like a good idea. How does it compare to RCs Lift and Shift? Im not sure of the details.....
  4. Im not a conspiracy theorist.....at all. Im aware the newest vaccine may not be the one we end up with as the best vaccine....but ill get whatever comes out. Like I said, my wife is an RN, and will have to get it, so by default....i will too.....because i do what she says. Look....if something comes out that lets everything get back to normal, sign me up. I havent seen my dad since January, am tired of working from home, I love my kids but I am a better father to them sane, and would love for them to be at summer day camp and daycare while I work.....AND I WANT TO GO ON MY CRUISE. I dont giv
  5. I give it a fraction of a percent chance that he A: reads his emails, or B: is the one answering them....people with money pay people to do these things.
  6. https://apnews.com/a36ac8c2b3edf7f9c41f850e945c32e8?utm_medium=AP&utm_source=Twitter&utm_campaign=SocialFlow Fauci (aware some of you dont like him....) seems to think its when, not if, and it may be here by end of year or early in 21......I sail in March, and since my wife is an RN and will HAVE to get it, I will get it too (if she turns into a zombie, I need to be a zombie too)....so Im hopeful its ready EARLY '21. LETS SAIL!
  7. I have to rethink my whole life, and everything I I thought I knew.....
  8. For your sake, I hope it IS a glitch, and not an indication of an announcement to come.....more canceled sailings, or canceled ships altogether.... I keep waiting for RCCL to announce theyre selling the older ships, like Grandeur. I cant imagine who would be in the market to BUY cruise ships, right now.....but there is always someone out there with more money than my little brain can comprehend.
  9. Ive been watching it too.....amazing how they can turn 180 on a dime like that. Love watching that.
  10. It would appear Virgins Scarlet Lady is coming in now, followed by Independence just off the coast, now.....
  11. If anyone is seeing this now (6/23 - 7:35am est) Grandeur is making its way through Port Miami right now.....fun to watch, with a touch of sad. https://www.portmiamiwebcam.com/
  12. Thank you for your help, @AnnetteJackson. While youve only assisted me once, it was greatly appreciated and was a brick in the foundation in what I trust will be a working relationship for some time. You, and the other agents, will be in my prayers and I wish nothing but the best in yalls future endeavors! Ill raise my next glass in your honor!
  13. Beginning to wonder about our rebook on Harmony for March.....good thing we have a backup plan to go to Disney World if the cruise gets scrapped. That should keep us away from people.....
  14. Really beginning to feel like rebooking for March might have been a bad move. I know thats 9 months from now....but......wow.......
  15. The internet is a horrible, evil place full of opinions and noise. SO many people shoot from the hip just to feel better or be first, as opposed to actually digging in, and backing up what you say with data. THIS is good info to combat those that say "Cruise lines dont fly American flags to avoid paying taxes." Its not entirely wrong.....its just not correct, and those that say it are generally uninformed, or attempting to make a much more complex thing, simple for the sake of arguing. https://cruiseradio.net/fact-check-do-cruise-lines-pay-us-taxes/
  16. Could be wrong....but appears so!
  17. Cruise Radio (Doug Parker) / Richard Simms is reporting that Carnival is selling 6 of its older ships, earlier than planned. Wonder if this will be a common theme? Older RC ships? https://cruiseradio.net/carnival-sells-six-cruise-ships-more-to-come/
  18. Mai Tai has been my "2020 Drink" since it puts me in a good mental place. CHEERS!
  19. If @twangster is pissed (justifiable id say)....its bad. You have always been as level headed, calm, cool, and collected, as anyone. Im gonna go cry in a bottle of Captain Morgan.
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