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  1. Thanks for your prompt replies! As I’ve found that ‘balance due to be received by Nov 07’ on the invoice. i’d made The reservation directly from RCL web site
  2. Hi, all! I’d booked the Spectrum of the Sea in Dec. Now just 90 days to go. Are there any benefits for early check-in right now? (Not yet paid the remaining balance) or actually no differences to do so in Nov? Sorry as I’m a new cruiser, maybe this is a silly question. Thanks in advance!😉
  3. But for how long does it take for the refunds? I’d cancelled it in August, but not yet received the refund.
  4. That’s great! I’ve booked an aft cabin in deck 9 😀
  5. As I’ll take the cruise trip for Spectrum of the Sea in Dec, I’m glad to see the Labour Day’s offer, however, it is none of our business for Spectrum!
  6. Do we need to ask for their OBC conversion arrangement? And, where can we inform? Thanks!
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