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  1. I believe you can use Whatsapp regardless. We had Voom STREAM and Whatsapp worked fine, I think Voom Surf is pretty much the same thing just less bandwidth. So any bandwidth hungry features/apps may just be problematic. HTH
  2. bummer. RCL ought to provide a special a discount on something on Cococay for South Beach closing.
  3. I once took off for an 8 weeks vacation to SE Asia. I was a little worried that someone might be in my office when I got back. I sure did not want them getting use to being without me there. You want to feel somewhat essential to what they do and to struggle doing without you there. Came back forgot most my work passwords, lol.
  4. 30 days annual leave,15 days sick leave, 10 days family leave.
  5. Darn it, I think I got the wrong one, the 22# instead of 48#.
  6. I'm registered in one stateroom with younger son (16). Wife is registered in another stateroom with older son. Once we're on board, I'm thinking of switching so that wife and I are in same stateroom and kids together in another. Shouldn't be any issues right ? other than access to the room with the Sail pass. Any suggestion as to what to do ? Thx.
  7. I'm on deck 14 also. I like being on the same floor and close to the Solarium.
  8. I'm traveling with family of 4 (2 teenagers) and 2 staterooms. I have 4 sail pass.
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