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  1. Every one has different vacation budgets, that's what is great about cruises, they can accommodate most of them. Even at $400 difference I'd want to pick my own room, at $141 (actually $170 I'm a midship guy) it's a no brainier for me. That's because I can afford it and don't like to gamble with guarantee category. If you can still afford the cruise comfortably and not have to cut out a "must do" to get the room, do it. However, if it comes at a sacrifice, think about how much time you spend in the room and if it's worth it to you.
  2. I agree with the above, it's not worth the argument. Been there, done that, they know better than you, even have "insider info" (Insert eye roll). Honestly, without knowing voice tones and volume it's hard to say if she took it as a personal attack or not. I'd say, to relieve yourself, a simple... "If I came across as a jerk before, I apologize. It's not you personally, I just get fired up with all the incorrect facts the media drills into people about the cruise industry."
  3. I'll probably not volunteer. It's safe to say the sailing will depart from Florida and living in New York means quarantine when I return. It has nothing to do with work, I'm just not willing to do that, unless of course I was exposed. Additionally, with rising cases in my area and new restrictions being put in place, I'm not sure non-essential air travel is a good idea. It does sound like an amazing "once in a lifetime" opportunity and would love to be part of it. (Honestly, what would be the odds of actually getting picked anyway LOL)
  4. Just do this! In fact, forget the chips! Not much to add accept personally, our eating habits are different on a cruise ship. At home, at best, breakfast is a yogurt (if anything at all), lunch isn't much bigger. However, when cruising, at breakfast 1 I start to stress about breakfast 2 let alone lunch 1. So, add in your vacation eating habits. I too thank you for your service & congratulate you both on 50 years! We will only be 5 years in September (although dating way longer than the average couple) and she's already sick of me :).
  5. Is there another way to use a web browser
  6. Yes. I don't travel for work but recent years have flown a lot to visit friend on weekends, etc. Last year alone... I had 2 AA flights delayed. I had a United flight delayed by 12 hours. That's just what I remember. Personally, not worth the risk.
  7. You're correct. Whether Star class or not, you paid gratuity already, you're under no obligation to tip above that. If you order a drink (with or without a drink package) the gratuity is automatically added, you're under no obligation to tip above that. If you eat at Chops (whether paid or as a Star class perk) the gratuity is taken care of there too. The reason people tip more is the understanding that tips are pooled among crew & the tips are insultingly low (see below). Personally, I tip extra when specialty dining (I usually paid months ago anyway so why not leave an extra $20 (or
  8. Having done Bermuda a bunch of times, one on Anthem from NJ to get married... I'm STOKED to hear this podcast. I have so many other connections to Bermuda via the 5 day from NJ but don't want to ramble. Due to working from home I haven't been current with the podcasts, I've been catching up now that gyms are back open. I'll be getting buff while listening! Very excited.
  9. I used the affiliate link here and was assigned Kathy Geiger, she's been great. [email protected] Since you're open to whomever, I'd say use the affiliate link. I'd suspect @Matt gets a little kick back to help the site. Plus you wouldn't have to choose :).
  10. Nothing better than seeing those clocks from your balcony! (Last few visits on Anthem we docked away from them)
  11. I remember back in 2007 we paid a dollar for a ride up the hill. Genius system, they'd pack a van and shuttle a bunch to top of hill. I did the $7 dollar bus last year since island was cut short to 1 day (had scooter rental lined up but cancelled, too expensive for a.few hours) have to say it's an easy system. We've done this and it too works out to be a great value and fun way to mix with the locals a bit (depending where you're going of course).
  12. I'd book something now so it's locked, it's only a few clicks to cancel. For your note book: I worked with Nijae' Burgess from My Bermuda Lyft (https://www.mybdalyft.com/) (web address in his signature is different, "mybermudalyft.com" and doesn't seem to be a redirect but logos are the same and his email always showed "[email protected]") and it was a great experience. While we didn't get to actually use his service due to hurricane Jerry, he came highly recommended from someone I trust with Bermuda information more than ANYONE. He was going to customize a great pub crawl ex
  13. One thing I'll say, Bermuda is one of the friendliest islands and trusting people. They are very easy to work with and most tourist guys who own a bus will do whatever you want. Not always the fastest to answer emails but that's their style, don't think you're being ignored. Cheaper price and a more custom experience, especially if you're traveling with a group.
  14. Just one trip for 2021 so far, it's a cruise, in September. I am hoping for a few land trips but fear @JLMoran is right, at least for the first half of the year. We did do two small trips this year, Wildwood NJ & NY Adirondacks. I can see similar trips next summer which would be nice. Depending how the spring plays out, I'd like to book another "larger" vacation in October / November next year.
  15. I TOTALLY wasn't even thinking about the fact, they might not be allowed to roam Hamilton... But, let's hope things are a little better in August!
  16. I've done the Crystal Caves and loved them. We didn't do the ship tour, we navigated by bus, which wasn't bad but took some time and had to transfer in Hamilton. We also stopped at the Rum Swizzle on the way back. Overall a nice afternoon. Edit: Actually reading the descriptions of the tours, I'd choose #2. We stopped at the lighthouse one year with the scooter, I mean, neat and all but not much other than views, little history. It would be neat to see St. George (all my Bermuda visits and have yet to go) but you could take the ferry over after Caves. However, the second seems like a nice
  17. Last Cruise was last September on Anthem to Bermuda (5 day). The Bermuda 2 days was shortened to one due to Jerry, which is hysterical because my wife and a few of her friends have an inside joke and call each other Jerry. A bunch of friends came along (invited themselves) and having them join us was the single best memory because the shenanigans that occurred all week long (even the stuff that annoyed me) wouldn't have happened without them. It just wouldn't have been as fun. I'd give anything to be annoyed at my friends right now.
  18. A little, but also crying as today was boarding day.
  19. What's worse is the personal stories used for the agenda. Don't get me wrong, I feel for everyone who contracts the virus, especially early on when little was known. I just feel the stories mixed in this article are the reinforcement of why cruise ships are bad and "major" factor in the early spread.
  20. Being 90 minutes from Bayonne, I hope you're right! I'll fly wherever though, wife and I decided it's time for a "new ship smell" with Icon. We sailed Oasis January of 2010 and loved being on the 7th or so sailing. Closet we have been since was Anthem September of 2016, so she was ~17 months old.
  21. Labadee I'll echo the zipline was amazing, the views alone make it worth it. I also had a blast on Dragon's Tail. It's a little "coaster" where you sit in a cart that's attached to a track. You control the speed with a lever so be cautious of slow riders. It's basically an alpine slide with some neat views. Reminded me of Action Park in Vernon NJ. We went to Dunn's River but didn't walk the falls. We had a taxi guy take us around and that was one of the stops. The falls were cool but we weren't fully equipped to hop in. There can be some pushy vendors there too, but a simple no tha
  22. Testing: I'll gladly do it, even if it's a direct cost to me. My only issue is false negatives & positives. I get the percentage is low, but it's still there. A small percentage of healthy people will be denied & a small percentage of sick people will not. That is a crappy fact we have to face, especially if we are one of them.
  23. I agree. I see it as short term as (hopefully) mandatory masks (we all know there will be masks in the beginning). Assuming some sort of vaccine and treatments are available during second half of 2021 things will start to get relaxed. (At least that's my hopelessly optimistic opinion). In regards to itinerary, I think my September 2021 cruise is perfect. 7 night CocoCay on Oasis. Orlando I can go to anytime, quick flight. I don't care about Nassau and was just going to do the flight simulator. It's just about seeing the amplification of Oasis, finally getting to CocoCay, and sailing from
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